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aaron gibson

Halo 5: Guardians Review As someone who has dabbled in the Halo franchise but never actually …read more

Matt Cardle Cracks On With Porcelain Tour

Matt Cardle’s Porcelain tour is underway and is going very well with reports of one cracking performance after another across the UK, pausing only for him to celebrate his birthday. I went to see him in Birmingham, thinking I knew everything there was to know about his voice, but came away humbled. Before his historic…

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Eastenders 2013!

2013 was a busy year for Eastenders. The show has got better during the year after being quite poor earlier in the year and fans complaining, here’s a look at the storylines that have thrilled us during 2013. Eastenders has had an up and down year after being criticized earlier on in the year. It…

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X Factor- We’re at the end of another series!

X Factor- We’re at the end of another series! Tonight either Sam Bailey or Nicholas McDonald will be crowned the winner of the tenth series of The X Factor. It’s been an eventful series and now we are down to two people. Who will win? The 10th series of X Factor began with the arrival…

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Happy Birthday X Factor!

Last night, X Factor marked 10 series with spectacular including current contestants singing hit tunes, old contestants making an appearance and a special performance from Olly Murs. Here’s a look at my favourite contestants from the last 10 series Judges have come and go but Louis Walsh has stuck around the whole time. Simon was…

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John Hurt as a secret incarnation of The Doctor.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m facinated by the possibility of the John Hurt Doctor being a missing secret Doctor regeneration appearing between Paul McGann and Christpher Eccleston. Probably being the actual manifestation who was involved with the Time War and the destruction of the Time Lords who he has suppressed out of…

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