Matt Cardle Cracks On With Porcelain Tour

Matt Cardle's Porcelain tour is underway and is going very well with reports of one cracking performance after another across the UK, pausing only for him to celebrate his birthday. I went to see him in Birmingham, thinking I knew everything there was to know about his voice, but came away humbled.

Belfast's Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival 2014: Peter Hain, Jon Snow, Simon Amstell, Rob Newman on lineup

15 Years on, Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival still partying like it’s 1999…

The Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival celebrates its landmark 15th anniversary in the customary style that audiences have come to expect over the years: with lots and lots of amazing, eclectic acts from the world of music, comedy, literature, spoken word and visual art. Big international stars nestle alongside up-and-coming brilliance and cult acts share a stage with household names in Belfast’s most beloved and fastest growing arts festival. 

John Hurt as a secret incarnation of The Doctor.

I don't know about anyone else but I'm facinated by the possibility of the John Hurt Doctor being a missing secret Doctor regeneration appearing between Paul McGann and Christpher Eccleston. Probably being the actual manifestation who was involved with the Time War and the destruction of the Time Lords who he has suppressed out of guilt. 

Or is there an alternative explanation, Was William Hartnells incarnation really the first, or did John Hurt come before him in the Doctors timeline? What really prompted him to leave the Time Lords anyway?

Celebrity Big Brother: My thoughts on the latest series!

  • Posted on: 1 September 2013
  • By: JoPalmer

Celebrity Big Brother is about half way through and it's been quite an interesting series. The favourites keep changing and we are seeing a different side to these celebs. Who might win?

Big Brother finished with Sam winning and the series with Dexter and Gina seems like a distance memory. CBB started on the 22nd of August and 13 housemates were put in the house. We have already seen Danielle (Her main issue was the fact nobody knew who she was!) and Ron (up against strong characters) be evicted from the show.