2012 is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray

I got my DVD of Roland Emmerich’s overblown disaster movie, 2012 (which I reviewed back in November), and took some time to sit down and enjoy the movie once again.

If you’ve enjoyed previous Emmerich epics like Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, then this will be right up your street – the world as we know it gets destroyed by some of the most vivid and horrifying special effects you’ve ever seen.

It starts as always with a scientist making a discovery that something is wrong with the Earth – cue much science-speak about the reasons for this. After a relatively slow start, the core of the Earth starts melting down. We’re treated to a first-hand account of this as John Cusack’s character Jackson Curtis tries to outrun crumbling roads and collapsing buildings in a limousine. All in an attempt to save his estranged family.

I don’t think 2012 is supposed to be taken as seriously as the climate change message in The Day After Tomorrow, but you’ll enjoy the frantic dash for survival of Curtis and his family. In among the rampant CGI, there’s some shrewd observations about how mercenary people can be in the face of disaster, while others find nobility in helping their fellow man.

Check out my earlier review of 2012 and get your copy of the DVD on Amazon. Here’s the trailer to give you a taster:

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