30 Rock – When It Rains, It Pours (S05E02) – Episode review

Big belly laughs were not lacking in the latest episode of 30 Rock. Liz Lemon discovers that now she has a boyfriend, she has newfound sexual mojo in the eyes of other men. Jack decides – in the style of Marlon Brando in the Superman movies – to record his legacy of wisdom for his unborn son – in case he should die before he has time to impart all of it.

Elsewhere, Tracy rushes to be at his wife’s bedside for the birth of their daughter, but wonderfully wanders into a reality gameshow called Cash Cab. He has to answer a series of trivia questions correctly in order to get a free ride. And working quietly in the background, Kenneth has silently returned to the office and hoping to officially score his job back.

Favourite storyline: Undoubtedly Jack doing his Jor-El style recordings of wisdom. Not only are his musings utter nonsense, but they’re the most self-indulgent anecdotes known to mankind. It kind of betrays his naivety about parenting if he thinks his child will take note of a single word he says. In fact his advice at the end of the tape – “Seek out Liz Lemon, get her advice, then do the opposite” is probably more realistic. But I loved the “This…is the art of camouflage.” entry.

Liz discovers that when she’s not pathetic and needy, men find her attractive. And she uses this newfound power to win over the grumpy trolls in the editing suite to do work for her. Except she inadvertently ends up in a sticky situation when the head of editing, played by Paul Giamatti, spreads a rumour that the two are sleeping together. But when she confronts him, she finds he’s a kindred spirit in desperation and she helps him to look good in front of the assistant he’s secretly in love with.

What was your favourite bit of last night’s 30 Rock?

Pick of the 30 Rock quotes

  1. Jenna: “It’s not because you’re not cute, you are. Like a pretty refugee on the news.”
  2. Avery: “Think about it Liz, every woman my boy dates will get compared to me. And they will be found wanting.”
  3. Jenna: “Do you remember my tattoo mishap? It was supposed to read ‘Peace’ but they wrote ‘white hooker’ instead.”
  4. Tracy: “There’s something about you lately. Make me want to put my feet in your mouth.”
  5. Jack: “I cannot escape death, Lemon, but I will cheat it.”
  6. Doctor: “Full disclosure…most of my experience is with putting babies in women…”
  7. Jack: “The Donaghy’s originally come from Ireland’s County Steve, where historically we were whiskey testers and goblins.”
  8. Richie: “This is a CD of some Civil War songs I thought you might like. It’s very authentic, so don’t play it around your black friends.”
  9. Newsreader: “And we have this just in to us. Richie and Liz spotted in tree. Eyewitnesses report K I S S I N G.”
  10. Kenneth: “Drugs during childbirth? Isn’t the whole point feeling God punish you?”
  11. Tracy: “Why’s that baby covered with goop?” Doctor: “Because everything about this is disgusting.”
  12. Jack: In the unlikely event that you encounter something that isn’t covered here, find a woman named Elizabeth Lemon, get her advice. And then do the opposite.”

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