3OH!3 ft Katy Perry – Starstrukk – Single Review

Colorado electro-dance outfit [[3OH!3]] have teamed up with [[Katy Perry]] for this remix of their song Starstrukk. Adding Perry to the mix has certainly made the tune all the more attractive for the males among us, not least because of a certain wet-dress scene where Perry poses in a fountain! I love a girl who has no problem with being an object of lust!

Starstrukk is one of those songs where you don’t bother trying to decipher the lyrics, the video does that for you – and the guys are clearly in sex fantasy territory. They romp around a magic wishing fountain until the whole thing turns out – predictably – to just be a dream.

If I’m being honest, I was surprised that “the geeky guys who appeared in their pants” were getting a second shot at releasing a single. I was sure they were a one-hit wonder, destined to be forgotten before the last song faded out.

And despite a rather obvious lack of content, Starstrukk benefits from a fantastic chorus and a sexy celebrity cameo from Ms Perry. I mean, compare the original video to the one below and you’ll see that the addition of Katy Perry in a wet pink and black dress makes all the difference!

Simply put, a great pop track, lighthearted, sexy and fun. And guaranteed to make a few people take a second look at 3OH!3.

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