3OH!3 ft Ke$ha – My First Kiss – Single and video review

A second collaboration between pop slut Ke$ha (I’m sure she’s lovely really) and those lovable geeks [[3OH!3]]. Following on from their smash hit team-up on Blah Blah Blah, the two most annoying, headache-inducing acts in pop at the moment.

I find myself at a “dammit, just roll with it” moment. As much as I can’t stand either act, there’s no denying My First Kiss is simply great, sexy, flirty fun. Ke$ha really adds to this with the playful sing-speak style she’s virtually trademarked by now. The 3OH!3 guys are really on form here, and the lyrics are smutty, pre-pubescent and brilliant.

Your kiss is like whiskey, it gets me drunk/And I wake up in the morning with the taste of your tongue

There’s nothing cute about these three – the image of 3OH!3 in their underpants is burned into my eyeballs from their first video. And Ke$ha…total minger. But with all that said, I will say that their honest, funny, promiscuous brand of music is at least more entertaining than…Justin Beiber.

My First Kiss is the lead single from 3OH!3’s third album, Streets Of Gold.

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