5 survival songs Katie Waissel could sing in next week’s X Factor

Having been in the X Factor’s bottom two for four out of the six weeks of live shows, Katie Waissel has demonstrated a unique ability to survive on this show. Of course, it might be the fact that Syco has spent a fortune freeing her from her recording contract that has Simon Cowell so keen to save her repeatedly, despite the fact that she could well be the most hated X Factor contestant ever.

So, to celebrate Katie’s survival on the show and to acknowledge that the public are just going to have to try harder to eliminate her, here’s a list of five songs that Katie could sing on next week’s show, just to piss off the haters:

  1. Bulletproof by La Roux
  2. Unbreakable by Westlife
  3. Indestructable by Alisha’s Attic (suggested by EvilCheltDevil on Twitter)
  4. Survivor by Destiny’s Child
  5. Try Again by Aaliyah

We did look for songs that had that “ha ha haters, you can’t get rid of me that easily” vibe. Well, we tried for about five minutes, but got bored and laughed at pictures of Cheryl Cole’s hair on last night’s X Factor again. Kudos to the reader who spotted that her hairdo was a direct ripoff of Gary Oldman’s in Dracula.

But of course, we turn to you for other suggestions of songs that Katie could sing on next week’s X Factor. What’ve you got?

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  1. Gavin316

    lol love it or how bout


    fighter – christina Aguilera

    invincible – pat benetar

    the only way is up – yazz

    dont stop me now – queen

    eye of the tiger – survivor

    till i collapse – eminem

    the list could go on lol

  2. justME

    I think she should sing ”i was born under a wandering star’ and make the next exit to search for it! ha ha…. or ”oo-boopy-do” whatever that song jingle was sung by Betty Boop in the old cartoons, ‘ cos they were 2dimensional!! ha ha


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