8 of the Funniest Twilight Spoof Videos on the Web

When you get something like Twilight – a vampire romance story that became a worldwide sensation both in its original novel form, and later as a movie – it’s inevitable that people will publish the odd parody.

Following the brilliant Olivia Munn parody of the famous forest scene in Twilight, I decided to seek out some of the funniest spoof clips on the web. Let’s begin with Munn’s Edward getting himself slayed in the forest while two vampire hunters give Bella Swan a piece of their minds…

This next one rewrites the cafeteria scene with the Cullens, but gives Bella a chance to vent at Edward for blowing hot and cold on her.

Keeping with the theme of musical numbers, this video is a cheese-fest mashup of Twilight and High School Musical. You may joke, but I think All I’ve Got Is Time could become a classic!

Moving into wierder territory, this video imagines that Edward is actually a girl, therefore taking the relationship into teenage lesbian territory. As if things weren’t complicated enough already!

The Campest Cullen – Bella’s gaydar is on the blink as she hooks up with the most mincing portrayal of Edward Cullen…ever. Where it becomes unbelieveable is when Bella actually gets some clever/funny lines.

EvilIguana’s Twilight spoof is very lo-fi, but has some brilliant comic moments in it, especially as a randy Edward forgets to save Bella from the skidding van and runs off to chase another girl’s telephone number instead…

“You’re like a double cheeseburger – I just can’t tell if I wanna have sex with it or I wanna eat it.” Ever the romantic, Edward tries to explain the attraction of Bella Swan.

What happens when lonely housewives read Twilight? Well, every sunglasses-wearing, trenchcoat-clad neighbour becomes a potential vampire lover. Watch this desperate housewife get her hopes up as a neighbour invites her over for ‘a bite’.

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