Oasis Falling Down Review


It seems everyone has gone a little bit British crazy. Oasis opens their latest single “Falling Down,” with a rendition of a very English fanfare. This is the cut through with a strange techno sound, similar to someone singing in their bathroom.

This is not one of the band’s best works. The vocals are buried beneath the music, making it impossible to hear. Throughout the song, you never really know what is being sung.

My Life Would Suck Without You Kelly Clarkson Review


“My Life Would Suck Without You,” is a standard American Pop song: Girl meets boy, they fall in love, they fall out but they make up. Kelly Clarkson pulls off this type of song perfectly, as has ever since she won American Idol.

The song sets the tone of her fourth album, taking the listener back to the days of “Since U Been Gone. While the disco rhythm and synth-dance pop pushes the pop angle of the song, the guitar riff, keeps the whole song from sounding too manufactured, and makes Clarkson the rock chick.

The Puppet Masters

Metallica easily take the crown as “The Masters Of Metal” in their show at Sheffield Arena.

The crowd were not on high form for most of the night, with two unfortunately sub-par supporting acts in the form as Machine Head and The Sword. Kudos for keeping up the energy on a stage that was very much too big for them, but the sound quality was inexcusable. For the hour or so these bands played between them, it all seemed like one long song, with a few breathers to let the crowd half heartedly cheer.

Metallica live onstage

Still the main event was what the crowd waited for. When the house lights dropped, the scream of twelve thousand excited fans lit up the arena. In the pitch black, you could see four small shadows gracing the stage, to epic Don Quixote style introduction.

Then it all happened: Lasers, screeching guitars, and the bright shining lights which let you see every person in the room. Metallica had arrived, and they made sure the crowd knew it. They power straight on with their opener, “That Was Just Your Life.”

BBC Three's Being Human, a series review

Being Human, BBC Three

My failure to spot [[Being Human (TV Series)|Being Human]] as a brilliant television series has had me kicking myself for the last week or so. Just as the series was reaching its tense finale, I was frantically catching up via the BBC iPlayer.

I started hearing good things about the series a few weeks ago on the Unreality Forum, and decided to watch it from beginning to end over a few nights. The idea of a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost living under one roof put the idea of a grown-up version of Rent-a-ghost in my mind. Mercifully, it was nothing like that! Nor was anything like that now-ancient BBC flatmates sitcom, Game On, which also featured a trio of two males and a female sharing a flat.

A few thoughts on Jade Goody's Cancer

There's been a massive groundswell of support for Jade Goody since the news of her terminal cancer broke in the press.

While tabloid outpourings of grief are all very well and fine, there's been a bitter aftertaste for me. After all, wasn't it the tabloid press who vilified her after the bullying incident on Celebrity Big Brother? The same tabloid press who are now fondly 'remembering' her on their front pages.

So while a couple of years ago, the press were brandishing torches and pitchforks for Goody, today they're giving us blow-by-blow accounts of her death. But don't underestimate the effects of the tabloid campaign against her: her home was vandalised, her effigy was burnt in the streets in India, and the Prime Minister had to answer some tough questions about whether this was typical of the British attitude to other cultures. So, is this five-star treatment at the hands of the press a round-about way of apologising to her?

I'd love to have the answer to that question.

Single Review: The Saturdays 'I just can't get enough'

So, Comic Relief is here again and this year The Saturdays have been chosen to sing the comic relief single.

I love the saturdays! ill start off by saying, the individual sounds each member has and the different voices are great. I love everything theyve brought out so far. Now, this comic relief business, a great idea, but whos decision was it to choose 'I just cant get enough', i mean the saturdays vocal repetoir far surpasses the track. Its dated. The reasons behind the choice were apparently because it's recognisable and fun. That it maybe, but adding the missed out adjectives, 'Annoying' and 'Predictable' the description seems complete.

MinogueGATE: Will She or wont she?

Danni Minogue and the X factor!

 Like a soap Opera. Kat and Alfie, Ronnie and Danielle, Steve and Becky. To name a few, Will they or wont they moments. Well, Will she or wont she? Simon Cowell has offered her a pay rise of double her 500,000 to 1 million, to sign a contract for 2009. The same as Cheryl. But Cheryl has said she wont come back unless its her and Danni. Gosh it really is like a soap.

Alot of people out there dont like Danni, they think she can be fake, due to her plastic surgery and they think her position is pointless. Or some might have a grudge against her for the whole Sharon situation. But i like her i have to say. Shes down to earth, shes a good mentor and although she gets stick, she shows shes human, shes passionately involved with the x factor and has a real drive to ensure her contestants' success. Just look at her first year. Rhidian and Leon, both in her category, both in the final 2. And Last year, given a tough category, shes bullied by the media for her relationship with Rachel, given Daniel, the one everyone hates, and then shes saved by Ruth. The Spanish senorita that everyone grew to love. Is it her time? I hope not.

Single Review: David Archuleta 'Crush'

David Archuleta travels over to the UK to release his EP 'Crush' The sickly sweet american idol runner up to 'David Cook' is trying his luck with the UK Charts.

I have to say, I have been converted to an Archuleta fan. On American Idol, he irritated me with his song choices and just his niceness in general was pretty annoying, and this is refleted in the meaning of the single. Its about a Crush he has on a girl. Its very innocent and young which i think they have tried to make him.

Getting down the it, the single is catchy, powerful and memorable. i was proved wrong. i really like the tune, the beat, its a feel good song and makes you smile. again, the definition of cheese, but it works. i think the single could do well over here, and hes certainly coming over here with a good repetoir. The song has very good harmonies, without them, the song wouldnt hit the spot, which it does. 

Is Piers Morgan a case of Marmite?

In the past week, Ive seen a number of opinions on Piers Morgan and his latest 'Exposing' Chat show about the lives of certain people. Last week Sharon Osbourne took to the chair and Piers discussed with her, her rise to fame, her lack of talent that people have often questioned(which i think is ridiculous) her abusive relationship with Superstar husband Ozzy Osbourne, her cancer battle, to name a few. I found it very interesting, especially the talk about X factor rival Danni Minogue and how the Aussie star shifted the show veteran from the panel. I loved the show, but it seems some people disagree...

Mostly ive heard people talking about their dislike of piers, some people love him, some people hate him, this is what ive come to believe anyway. I like his interviewing style, hes humourous, evident by the way he spoke to sharon about his cousin 'Rebecca Loos' who sharon blatently dislikes, shown on the celebrity x factor a few years back in 2005.

Tonight Piers chats to Richard Branson, an interesting interview is on the cards! with a man whos life story will be very hard to fit into 1 hour of television! I cant wait!