Leave Tom Cruise alone!

Since Tom Cruise has become the public face of Scientology, he's been widely ridiculed in the press. Then he did that thing on the Oprah Winfrey show. You know, leaping about on her sofa yelping about being in love with Katie Holmes.

Like the simple-minded residents of Springfield in The Simpsons, the general public have forgotten a legacy of fantastic films, and a friendly, down to earth red carpet manner just so they can re-imagine Cruise as a moronic, brainwashed cult member.

Dreamcatcher by Stephen King, a book review

Dreamcatcher - Stephen King (Book Cover)

The last novel of Stephen King’s that I read was The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon - the book which preceded Dreamcatcher. I’ve also seen the Dreamcatcher movie but thankfully have no memory of that apparent travesty, so I read the book with virtually a clean slate.

Anyway, useless trivia aside, let me tell you a bit about the plot, and then I’ll fill you in on what I thought of the book.

Merlin: Are you waiting for Morgana to turn evil?

Well, [[Merlin (TV Series)|Merlin]]-watchers, after that episode where Morgana got all doe-eyed about the kid who turned out to be Mordred, is anyone else waiting for her to switch sides?

In a lot of literature, Morgana is portrayed as an adversary of Arthur and Camelot. This is going to sound geeky, but I remember this old Superman graphic novel where Superman gets transported back in time to Camelot and has to do battle with Mordred and Morgaine le Fey (another name for Morgana).

Michael Crichton died of cancer yesterday

Sad news for any fans of the famous author Michael Crichton - he died yesterday (4th November 2008) after what has been described as a "private battle with cancer". He was 66 years old.

I was a big fan of Crichton's work during the 90's, and read all the Jurassic Park novels, and I actually read his "sexual politics in the workplace" novel Disclosure before I saw the film.

Madonna's divorce - Helping tabloid editors with the next 6 months of news

There was a tremor of warning during the summer that Madonna and Guy
Ritchie's marriage was on shaky ground. The rumblings suggested that she'd had
an affair with some sporty type with a ridiculous nickname name that tabloid
editors would love - A-Rod.

Then it all went silent. Up until last week, that is.

Samantha Who? Or maybe “Samantha, Why?” is a better question

Samantha Who Poster

There’s a moment, early on in the first series of Samantha Who?, where someone says to Samantha that “Amnesia doesn’t exist – it’s just a lazy plot device.” And after watching quite a few episodes, boy, was that a self-fulfilling prophecy!