TI Feat Justin Timberlake - Dead and Gone

“Dead and Gone,” as an above par pop rap song, harnessing the selling power of two of the most popular artists of today: TI and Justin Timberlake.

However after dredging through the five minute wonder it is, the lyrics merge into one, and you can not tell the difference between the artists.

Both sound mediocre, washed up and bored. To make things worse, the song tries to be preachy with a strong message.

This is only visible if you watch the depressing video, as the song itself is so cryptic, the message is lost amongst lots of noise, and random vocal effects.

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Comic Relief Comedy Single

When it comes to Comic Relief anything goes. This includes Bryn & Nessa, Tom Jones and Robin Gibb, covering “Barry” Islands in The Stream. Using cheesy Welsh accents, a very long 9 minute video, and random outbursts of Tom Jones these guys manage to murder the Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton song.

Granted, the song wasn’t very good to start with, so the cover couldn’t help but be worse. Still, at least the charity single is half in tune compared to Peter Kay’s outbursts.

Tom Jones manages to give the song a little slice of credibility, taking it from that comedy cover, to the comedy cover with an actual singer.

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S5 Companion

Who would you like to play the companion in series 5? Whether they've already been theorised on or someone you don't think ever really would be on the show but would make a great companion? What qualities does a companion need?


Here are some links with suggestions to start you off if you're stuck: 




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Is Eoghan Quigg blasting his fans with his new single?

Eoghan Quigg is on the threshold of releasing his first single, a bizarre song which seems to exclusively comdemn social media users.

Or is it the songwriters' lame attempt to score some relevance by name dropping MySpace and Facebook?

The lyrics accuse devotees of these sites of being pasty-faced losers: witness the lyrics "does your snow-white skin ever see the sunshine?" Then he launches into a blast about those sites all being a waste of time. I'm totally scandalised! How does a teenager go about ripping the crap out of social media users?

Let's face it, Eoghan made good use of Bebo to help him progress through X Factor. This Bebo fan page has almost 20,000 fans. Only another 8,000 friends before Eoghan officially thinks everybody on Bebo is a tosser! Oh, what a stupid mistake - to let a 17 year old sing a song about how Internet users are shit. A very Victor Meldrew thing to do.

Now, here's an interesting thing: his official Bebo page has over 20,000 'friends', but his official MySpace only has 46 as I write this. Now, is that why he mentions MySpace and not Bebo?

What do you think?

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Lady GaGa - Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) - Single & Video Review

Alright, after the slightly scary video that accompanied Poker Face, you might be a little bit intimidated by Lady GaGa right now.

The thing is, her next single Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) is a total about turn. It’s the first sign of GaGa as chameleon. Why? Because it’s got quite a sweet, non-threatening melody and a fun video.

OK, all the Lady GaGa staples are bundled in: wacky hair, bizarre sunglasses and questionable pant-revealing clothing.

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Taylor Swift - White Horse - Single and Video Review

Taylor Swift - White Horse

Wow! White Horse reprises the fairytale imagery that Taylor Swift established in Love Story, but with none of the upbeat romance or indeed a happy ending.

Even those warm golden tones of the Love Story video subside to colder colours and a video which is interrupted by little bits of dialogue. Especially where Taylor’s girlfriend drops a bombshell on her: yes, her perfect man is cheating.

I keep referring to the previous single, because this makes me question the order the two singles were released in: surely White Horse - the sad, cynical ballad about broken hearts should have come first? Then she could have followed with Love Story and there’d have been a degree of redemption involved. One song about heartbreak followed by a song about true love.

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The Script - Talk You Down - Single and Video Review

Shocking as it may seem, but this is the first ever time I’ve written about The Script, despite actually liking the band a lot.

Talk You Down is the fourth single from the band’s self-titled debut album. The video see the band performing on a rooftop that doesn’t look like downtown Dublin. In fact, their videos seem to be mostly set in American cities, possibly a thinly-veiled  desire to be ‘big in America’?

Down on the ground, frontman Danny O’Donoghue is chasing down his enormously upset girlfriend. She’s in a taxi (did Perez Hilton get out of that cab at the start?), he’s in a car. The chase is on as he tries to find her through the city streets.

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Taylor Swift - Love Story - Single and Video Review

Taylor Swift - Love Story

Taylor Swift’s Love Story should have all my cynical senses tingling right now. You’ve got that Disney Princess dress Miss Swift is wearing in the video, the overblown sentimentality and the ballroom fantasy sequence. I could really choke on the lyrics: “Marry me, Juliet, you’ll never have to be alone.”

But - you knew there was going to be a ‘but’, didn’t you? - the slight country-rock vibe, the hints of a banjo being plucked somewhere in the background, and the idealistic but very cute video story.

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This years XFACTOR tour, in my humble opinion, has got to be the best ever.

its the old cliche and we hear it year after year but without a shadow of a doubt the massive stageproduction for the series 5 tour with the talent appearing on it is by far incredibly better than its ever been. Even the so-called rejected auditionees stood and held there own on stage and entertained us to the max.


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The Metallica logo: through the years

How the Metallica logo has evolved

The spiky-ended Metallica logo is one of the most instantly recognizable logos in rock. It's been cast in metal, rendered in marble, and almost completely invisible on the Black Album cover.

You may or may not know this, but James Hetfield designed the original Metallica logo way back in the dark ages of the band. The classic design brings the beginning and end letters into long, sharp points, while the letters in the middle have a solid, block appearance. The only deviation is the middle 'A', which seems to lean up against the 'L' which follows it.

Early Days

Kill 'Em All

Most people's first glimpse of the Metallica logo would have been on their 1983 debut album, Kill 'Em All. This is the logo at its most simple: no textures, just flat red text framing the top of the album cover.

This fits in quite well with the stark black, white and red picture of a bloodstained hammer. It also established a precedent where the band's name would frame whatever image they put on the album cover.

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