A reduced role for Simon Cowell on American Idol 2010?

Interestingly, Allie Is Wired is claiming that [[Simon Cowell]] will be getting a reduced role on [[American Idol (2010 Series)|this year’s American Idol]], and new judge Ellen Degeneres will be getting more screen time as a ‘nurturing force’.

If you recall my post from last week about whether Idol could survive without Simon, I suggested that the show needed to phase him out somehow. From everything we’re hearing on the rumour mill, Simon fully intends his American version of X Factor to be a direct competitor to American Idol. If the producers of the show allow him to have as much sway as in previous years, they’ll have nothing left when he leaves.

So, in a way I’m glad that the American Idol producers seem to be taking the threat of X Factor seriously. Allie says:

“Expect to see less and less of Simon this season. The focus is going to be back on the contestants and less on Simon’s harsh criticisms of them,” an insider tells me. “They also will be spending more time focusing on Ellen once she gets through her first few weeks live from Hollywood.”

More focus on Ellen?

Allie goes on to suggest that new judge [[Ellen Degeneres|Ellen]] may get more attention from Idol. As a non-musical contributor to the judging panel, she’ll kind of be the voice of you and I sitting in our living rooms. But now she’ll have another purpose on the show:

“With Simon Cowell on the brink of ditching ‘American Idol’ to take the throne of ‘X-Factor,’ insiders tell me that executives have figured out a way to ease him out of the conversation this year — focus on Ellen.”

The other benefit of having Ellen on board is that she still has her own chat show which will be useful for cross-promoting Idol. I understand Ryan Seacrest already does this on his radio show, but no harm in having another major show to talk about Idol on, eh?

I should say that I have no problem with Simon expanding his own entertainment portfolio. My biggest concern is that in the last twelve months, his own performance as a reality TV judge has been weak. Whether he has his fingers in too many pies, or he doesn’t realise that his judging (especially on X Factor) was biased and dishonest, I hope that he doesn’t launch X Factor on a weak note.

Source: Allie Is Wired

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