A weekend at Southend for Eastenders

We had several episodes of drama, mischief and new characters last week on Eastenders. Dot, Fatboy, Shirley, Heather and Whitney were the main focus as the characters visited Southend.

With Whitney, we had been waiting to see the comeback of Rob who sexually exploited the teenager several months ago. He arrived back in Albert Square last week and was soon trying to charm Whitney to leave with him. But she ran into the car carrying the others and begged them to let her go away with them. Whitney soon discovered she couldn’t escape Rob as he followed them there and soon caught up with her. This storyline was quite good and you were waiting to find out what would happen next. Shona McGarty is a great actress and she shows how easy it is to be manipulated when vulnerable and lonely.

I was a bit disappointed with the big fight, as Ryan had come down to meet Rob to protect sister Whitney. They barely exchanged a few words before they both fell off the pier and it did feel like it was premature and a lot more could have been said before. This storyline also marked the end of Neil McDermott, as he couldn’t return to Albert Square due to killing Rob and facing a murder charge. He said a tearful goodbye to Whitney before heading off into the distance We are left to wonder if he may go find Stacey and his daughter who are also on the run. This also marked a new relationship between Fatboy and Whitney who got close during the trip and a rumoured romance is on the cards.

As for the other characters on their trip away, we got to meet Dot’s sister Rose who she hadn’t seen in years. It was interesting to see how the two characters are so different and we were also in for a surprise when we met Andrew (Heather’s new love interest) who turned out to be Charlie’s son. It looks like these are going to be recurring characters as Dot asked her sister to move down to the square with her so it will be interesting to see how this will develop.

As for Heather and Shirley, we saw their friendship develop and we saw how reliant Shirley actually is on Heather. She practically ruined Andrew’s chances with Heather and is definitely over protective. It’s nice to see Heather have a romance story and I hope it works out well between her and Andrew.

These few episodes were quite refreshing and I wish more characters had gone to Southend!

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