A whopping nine performances from Marina & The Diamonds

A whopping nine Glastonbury performances have hit the web today from Marina Diamandis, better known as Marina & The Diamonds. Performances include the singles HollywoodObsessionsMowgli’s Road and new singles Oh No!, set for release in July and it’s September follow-up Shampain. Marina also performed album tracks Numb,Guilty and my personal favourite Are You Satisfied? Marina also broke into a cover rendition of everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure hit by 3OH!3 and Katy Perry – Starstrukk.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Marina’s cover of the fast paced pop track, making it very ballad-y but fareplay to her for putting her own quirky twist on the song. It has a certain charm. Marina isn’t the greatest performer yet which probably explains why the crowd were a little dead but her vocals were good and I’ve seen more mundane performances live. *cough*Calvin Harris*cough*.

Anyway, have a gander at the nine videos below.

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