ABC Cancels FlashForward

Whether you loved FlashForward or hated it, it seems that not enough of you watched it to justify a second series of the pre-cognitive sci-fi series. ABC have announced the cancellation of the series.

Which leads to the inevitable “bet they didn’t see that one coming”!

Remember when FlashForward first hit our screens? It was going to be the most exciting thing to hit our TV screens. Hell, it was the new Lost, if the marketing machine was to be believed!

A thrilling pilot episode set out the major event behind the series: a global event causes everyone in the entire world to lose consciousness and have a two and a bit minute long vision of their future. An ensemble cast and the requisite FBI investigation into the cause of the events should have ensured that the series remained interesting and fresh.

Speculating on the factors that led to FlashForward being cancelled, the MTV Movies blog cites the ridiculous gap when the series went on hiatus:

Then there’s the scheduling. As I wrote in last night’s recap, the massive break from December to March completely derailed the real time component, one of the most alluring aspects of “FlashForward.” We’re right on the cusp of the dreaded April 29 date on the series, but we’re well into May in reality. No, there was never really any risk to the home viewer, but we survived the day of the flash-forward nonetheless. A big chunk of the drama is gone.

Only the network can answer to that one, but it may have been that one sloppy decision that killed the drama of the show. I know that when it resumed, not only did I miss a few episodes, but I could barely piece together what had happened all those months ago. Not good. Not for the type of show people need to become invested in.

What was interesting about FlashForward – anecdotal evidence follows – is that a lot of our friends who aren’t normally fans of Sci-Fi tuned in to FlashForward. Many of them trusted the producers that the twists and turns of the series would work themselves out eventually, even as the plots became more dense, bizarre and seemingly contradictory.

It’s thought that the finale of the first (and now only) series is already wrapped, so it’ll be interesting to see if the series ending will be a cliffhanger or if it’ll attempt to wrap up the story. It’ll also be interesting to see how many people care how it ends.

Are you going to miss [[FlashForward (TV Series)|FlashForward]], or are you already looking forward to what replaces it?

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  1. Rosie-Lee

    This show has gone the same way as Invasion (gee thanks ABC), which I faithfully watched and then was left up in the air, wondering what had happened.  I guess we may well be left with a cliffhanger in Flash Forward as well.  So utterly annoying if that happens.  I remember that fans of Invasion asked for a one-off final episode to wrap up all the questions, but this was turned down.  Flash Forward was like an onion, you unwrapped one layer, only to find another richer layer underneath.  It was thought-provoking, but perhaps the majority don’t want that.

  2. RockFan

    Agree with you. The gap was not a good thing for the show. I also missed a few episodes and had to watch online to catch up. When will networks learn that leaving these gaps and moving shows we love to different days, times is never a good thing? 

    From the first episode, I thought FlashForward was GREAT. Loved it. Have loved every show. Hate to see it go. But the show didn’t die of natural causes, it’s a suicide that could have been prevented, and a crying shame.

    Maybe, maybe, just maybe…a smart cable network picks this show up and does it justice? Maybe?

    1. strattso

      I am so cross about this because I had become hooked on Flash Forward. ABC seems to pull the plug without a thought for all the loyal followers of their series. I for one will think twice about giving any new series a second look because, I really dislike wasting my time. My only hope is that they do not leave us dangling like they did with Invasion. But I suspect that they will.

      1. RockFan

        I agree with you, strattso. It was pointless to watch any of it if all we were going to get was an early exit. I doubt I will give any new drama series a second look on ABC after this. FlashForward pulled me in. I won’t be duped again. One more hour back to do something else. Thanks, ABC.

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