Adam Lambert covers Metallica’s Enter Sandman in concert!

This one’s controversial: Adam Lambert sings Metallica’s classic Enter Sandman live onstage in New Zealand. 

I picked this up on Noisecreep, where the writer of the post was mildly put-out that Lambert added his trademark vocal histrionics to Metallica’s “bruising anthem”. Me, I thought Lambert proved that he could do an admirable version of an iconic song. He definitely wailed a little bit too much though – even if this was Axl Rose, he couldn’t have carried off the gruffness that James Hetfield brought to the original.

At the same time, I discovered metal through softer rock acts like Bon Jovi and Poison. I consider those types of bands my ‘in’ to that world, and maybe Adam’s version of Enter Sandman will attract some of his fans to check out Metallica. I doubt Hetfield and Ulrich will be offended at that. What do you say?

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  1. wordsfailme

    I love it when Adam rocks out, I get the same excitement when he does Whole lotta love and 20th Century Boy as well.  From what I heard it was a last minute decision to do this song and they only rehearsed it once before the live performance. I though Monte Pittman the lead guitarist was particularly awesome on this.  I don’t think Adam could ever sound like Hetfield unless he suddenly took up smoking 40 cigarettes a day 🙂

    This video has a better sound quality and clearer vocals

  2. magsmagenta

    I was ecstatic when I heard Adam did this, I couldn’t wait to see the videos, and he didn’t disappoint, You really couldn’t expect Adam to sing down to James Hetfields level though, although I like his vocals he really isn’t in the same league as Adam and I am a Metallica fan really.

    I am a bit disappointed in the Homophobic comments from some Metallica fans, I had always believed that Metal stood for freedom of expression, apparently for some people that doesn’t extend to gay people.

  3. Bruce Bing

    Not a fan of Metallica or Hetfield. Hetfield shouts and doesn’t sing. As he’s aged his voice has gotten worst from all the years of yelling. Their one big Anthem only went gold in the U.S. so I wouldn’t write home about that.

    Watched the video above and read and saw an interview with Monte Pittman of Prong (Guitarist in video above). They only rehearsed this one time and only right before the show. The singer on the video posted up there had the lyrics on the stage. His vocals are way better than Hetfield but the band Metallica is better as musicians but then again how many years have they been playing the song versus 10 minutes.

  4. Jed

    This is the best thing to happen to Metallica in years. I re-visited the iconic song, downloaded it to my new list and had a blast. Lambert has over 150,000 hits on the two versions you’ve got sitting up here, so to me that’s a heck of a lot of new fans for the song. He did a pretty fine job on the vocals I must admit, even without what everyone says is no practicing. Yea it’s different from Hetfield of course. I liked Lambert’s vocals but missed some of the heft of Metallica’s band. This is some weird combination but it wasn’t bad at all. The comments by some Metallica fans on Lambert’s you tubes suck big time and definitely need some cleaning up. Show some respect to a group that liked this song enough to bring it live.

  5. magsmagenta

    As anything to do with Adam and Heavy metal is very close to my heart, I have been posting comments in various places where this story has been reported, partly in an attempt to combat the homophobia that’s in a lot of the comments sections, but when I clicked on the link above and posted my comment a couple of days ago it failed to appear, and still hasn’t appeared, the same thing happened on the Metal Hammer website last week, despite several attempts to post and two e-mails to the editors asking if I had broken any of their rules which so far haven’t been answered.

    I know none of this is your problem, but I’m just curious to know if I’m being paranoid. I have spoken to other Adam fans who have had the same problem.

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