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Finally after anxiously waiting for several weeks the big day is here, and we have four UK Adam Lambert Glamnation Live Shows! 

Pre-sales started today after UK Adam Lambert fans subscribed to received their long awaited emails and the exited scramble for tickets has begun.

The dates are 26/11/10 O2 Academy 2, Birmingham.

                    27/11/10 Academy 2 Manchester.

                    28/11/10 O2 ABC Glasgow.

                    29/11/10 O2 Shepherds Bush Empire London.

Tickets will be availiable for general sale from Friday from Ticketmaster.

Adam Lamberts Glamnation tour has nearly sold out 100% of venues in the USA, and has recieved very favorable reviews in most of the towns he has performed in.

This was Dallas last night

And the inevitable u-tube:

Don’t miss this chance to see and hear the best voice of his generation in an intimate setting on his first UK tour, because despite poor showings for his singles due to lack of Airplay by national radio stations, he will be a superstar here as he is in the rest of the world, The UK must surely wake up to his talent soon and stop lagging behind foolishly in a misdirected attempt to look ‘Cool’



  1. Judy

    I’m so excited for Adam’s UK fans,you are in for the greatest concert experience of a lifetime. Thought I’d share mine with you !……..At 10:00 PM, on June 24th 2010 at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods when Adam sang the first note of Voodoo,I died saw heaven ,came back and am here to say that nothing could have prepared me for hearing his voice live,in a 4,000 seat arena ,where the acoustics were so incredible that I actually think I stopped breathing ! His vocals are staggering,,pitch perfect,crystal clear and so profoundly beautiful that they stun you into silence !
    Adam’s picture appears,the audience is already in a frenzy,singing along and waiting for the moment Adam, makes his grand entrance and what a stunning entrance it is,there he is in all of his glory,his vocal glory and his physical glory which is almost beyond comprhension ! The audience,immediately connects ,they are standing,dancing,singing and screaming , the energy can’t be described ,it’s mind blowing ! He hits us with the 1,2,3 punch,we are hook, line and sinker totally smitten with AFL  !  WWFM ,”THANKS FOR LOVING ME” a sea of blue glow sticks showing our love  for Adam,it’s a sight to behold !
    Though the audience is still standing during Soaked there’s a reverence for this song ,though some still scream out the mood of the crowd is reverent,the song showcases his vocals to perfection. Sleepwalker ,is out of this world,how does he hit those notes,OMG, he’s not of this world !
    The joy the audience is feeling during Strut,SFW,Fever,IIHY,is evident in the pumping fists,dancing and singing,it’s like everyone has let go of whatever their daily pressures may be and are having the time of their lives. Adam has achieved just what he set out to do !  Entertain you til you scream !The screams becoming deafning,Adam,Adam,Adm,4,000 fans screaming his name,this goes on for what seems an eternity,then he’s back to deliver the fatal blow. MW,is lovely,then the first notes of WLL,that’s it ,it’s over any shred of sanity we have left is out the door, it’s a sensual overload ! He’s singing and moaning until we are insane with emotion ! With every move,every note we are his ! As we’re leaving all you can hear is people saying WTF,just happened in there,is he even real ??? Mind blowing Epic, the best I’ve ever heard ! I’m still reeling,and will be for a long time.This is the best concert I have been to in my life time ! Thank you Adam !

    On a side note we were fortunate to be seated in VIP,the guard who was in there didn’t have a clue who Adam was,we told him to just watch & listen because what you are about to see & hear will blow you away ! The man stood motionless from the first note,his jaw dropping more & more with each song. Watching his expression was priceless ! Finally he turned to me and said In all my years doing concerts I’ve never seen or heard anyone so amazing,or seen an audience reaction like tonight !

    Music Is My Passion

  2. jo13

    This is fantastic news get to see the extremely talented Adam Lambert in the flesh and listen to his superb vocals ,instead of having to watch u tubes of his shows that have taken America by storm.

    I hope everyone gets to see what an amazing talent he as, then UK radio might play his songs rather then the hip hop, rap, dance or auto tuned rubbish they call singing that we have to listen to on the radio today .   

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