Adam Lambert – Whataya Want From Me? – Single review

The inventor of ‘guyliner’, the highly camp and highly cool Adam Lambert is preparing to launch his second single to the UK, Whataya Want From Me?

Originally a demo by Pink that never got released, Lambert grabbed the track and gave it his own unique spin. I’ve been high on the song since I heard it on American Idol a month or so ago. Admittedly, it was [[Ryan Seacrest]]’s repeated squealing of the chorus that wedged the song in my head. Nevertheless, it’s such a fantastic, angry song that you can’t help but love it.

The standout lyric – and the part of the song I’m always waiting to hear – is where it goes all moody and Lambert croons:

It’s me, I’m a freak (yeah)
but thanks for lovin’ me
Cause you’re doing it perfectly

Laying the Emo angst on thick and not being ashamed to do so is one of my favourite things about Lambert’s take on this song. His trademark theatricality is there in spades, falsetto tones and everything. It hits all emotional heights and gives tingles. If there’s any doubt that this guy might just be the most unique and entertaining [[American Idol (TV Series)|American Idol]] contestant ever, Whataya Want From Me? should bury those doubts in a shallow grave.

The single is officially released on 19th July 2010 in the UK. You owe it to guyliner to get yourself a copy.

I’ve included the official video here as I usually do, but I’ve also added Adam’s performance of the song on American Idol as well. It’s too good to miss.


  1. riskylady

    Loved your review, Gerard, and as a US fan, I wanted to thank you for going the extra mile and including the American Idol performance of the song by Adam.  I have heard that not many viewers in the UK get to see American Idol, so I hope this allows many more to see this wonderful performance.  I truly believe Adam’s mentoring and performance resuscitated Idol this year, just as he did all last year.  Enjoy, UK!  Oh, also, the song wasn’t on any of Pink’s albums, it was a demo.  It’s now Adam’s song, but Pink is covering it beautifully on her European tour.

  2. RandomEnigma

    This is a huge improvement on the so-so For Your Entertainment and I think it will be a huge (and deserved) hit for Lambert, who seems to have a lot of dedicated fans in the UK already.

    His next US single If I Had You is another fantastic single too and I hope it follows up Whataya Want From Me on these shores too.

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