Adam Lambert’s 2012-themed video ‘Time For Miracles’

Last year’s American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert, is generating far more buzz lately than whoever won it. And to be honest, I’ve already forgotten who the winner was.

The latest buzz about Lambert is that he’s releasing a new single Time For Miracles from the new Roland Emmerich movie, 2012. Sci-Fi blog IO9 describes the video as a “ridiculous yet brilliant blend of marketing hype”.

Its mostly Adam walking through disaster porn and waving his arms. Because nothing says love ballad like watching your family flung into the mouth of a volcano.

I have to declare that Lambert was my favourite Idol contestant of last year, and I’m fully backing him to be a musical megastar. The fact that he’s come out with such a solid track as Time For Miracles is a total bonus and testament to the fact that losing the show may be better for your career than winning it.

Quick review?

Well, in the tradition of soundtrack songs like Chad Kroeger’s Hero and Aerosmith’s seminal Don’t Want To Miss A Thing, Lambert’s single is an epic rock power ballad. And you can’t pull off those types of song without a little bit of charisma and some serious vocal power.

Well, the end result is a tour de force single, totally overblown but proud to be so. If you’d forgotten how powerful Adam Lambert’s voice can be, you’ll soon be reminded. And the best bit? The totally worked in a key change, meaning it’ll be prime fodder for a futre American Idol (or even [[The X Factor (UK TV Series)|X Factor]]) graduate to sing as their winner’s single. I’m serious.

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  1. Hannah Barnes

    Oh My God !
    I absolutely LOVE Adam Lambert !!
    Hes Soo Fiit !
    This Song is Classs !
    His Voice is Classs !

    *I Love You Adamm ! <3*




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