Adele – Rolling In The Deep – Single Review

Forget what you knew about Adele from Chasing Pavements, her next single Rolling In The Deep is something else. Darker, menacing, powerful. Thrilling, soulful, angry. I could throw adjectives at this tune all day.

Rolling In The Deep is the kind of song that old blues singers would hang around crossroads for, hoping to meet Satan and sell their souls in exchange for bewitching musical abilities. It bucks the pounding, trashy electropop-du-jour trend and draws on retro soul influences while still creating something fresh-sounding and essential.

I’m going to repeat what I said about Bruno Mars’ Grenade earlier this evening – this feels like Adele has managed to channel genuinely intense emotions into a song. That’s a rare thing, my friends, which is why I liken it to witchcraft. Between Grenade and Rolling In The Deep, it feels like lightning has struck twice – there’s rarely any believable emotion in pop music these days ESPECIALLY ballads!

The song is practically perfect, the music starts off dramatic with just Adele and a muted guitar and slowly builds up. And up. And up.

Lesser songwriters would have one big explosive climax to the song, but Adele manages to find a way to sustain the building angst and every instrument plays its part in creating the perfect tone for this song. The addition of a haunting backing chorus is nothing short of genius, and there’s an intricacy to the arrangement that you might not spot on the first listen.

It’s an incredibly rare thing to find a song that can take you on an emotional rollercoaster. Rolling In The Deep is one such song. Let yourself get swept up in the hurt and anger and anguish, and when the song ends and you’re sitting in silence by yourself, you’ll feel your heart beating!

Amazing stuff from Adele, a brilliant counterpoint to some of the rather empty pop music gracing the charts lately (which I like, but I appreciate something genuine once in a while). This is one to be listened to on constant repeat. And it’s out now. Oh, and the video’s incredible too – have a squizz…

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