Album Review: Vieem – ‘Be It Hated’

Brooklyn adult alternative artist Vieem has been making music for a while. However, for many she was recently introduced with the sad song single “If Only You’d Know” late 2011 release.
As part of Vieem’s first album “Be It Hated,” “If Only” joins a collection of songs that make a great start for the artist and brings glimpses to her future success. Garnering mainly positive reviews for her album on the overall. It would seem quite unfitting, not to weigh in on the slow building momentum. Vieem is already a featured artist on a growing number of music blogs for her more than worthy self-release.
At first listen. The single “If Only You’d Know,” leaves the impression that the EP would be filled with similarly somber, and effervescent ballads. Although, a quick skim through each track reveals that it just isn’t the case. Songs like the titular “Be It Hated” and “The Totum Hole” show a shocking amount of diversity. The Former has a hard nose diesel engine motoring its drive, electro guitar plucks and match-lit tick tocks. The latter, with its dark overture carry an ominous and foreboding essence that creates a mood of the thereafter.
“Why a Reason” also freight trains in a subtle way. Set to a pattern sequence, low high-hat and cymbals, “Reason” thrives on a straight forward narrative. Using sensitive and sometimes strong vocals. Melodically upbeat and lyrically frustrated. It goes through the struggles of day to day life seemingly optimistic. Fantasy is the first thought when listening to “Amidst The Mist”. The mist or fog in the room like in dated soap opera dream scenes. Flanked by synth pads, violins, keyboard and a drum shocks. The lyrics are based on an imagination of vividness that seems real. Heightening the feel with haunting operatic howls floating in the far background.
As a matter of opinion, the most sentimental song could be given to “The Miserable Wallflower”. Also another piano ballad, with tiny bits of r&b that work well with chorus and overall aspect of the song. The split of bass sharply contrasts the piano sounds that gives the listener a pleasant experience. A “real” enjoyment to listen to. The intricacy of the lyrics takes a voyeuristic peep into a mind of a woman telling her version of events. “Wallflower'” not only succeeds in its minimal orchestration but with an almost heaven like chorus and dual voice that at third quarter plays the part of protagonist and antagonist. All set to sharp vocals.
Vieem hearkens back to a barely noticeable time of female power in songwriter ship. The selling point of the album is the combination of having great up tempos and ballads. The easy transition between each track is the highlight of “Be It Hated”. It touches on a stream in the rock genre in various ways, in the form of rock, alternative rock, pop rock, new wave rock and folkesque rock. With the track “Willow and Weeds” set apart, dedicated as an homage piece of artistique freedom, rather for its existence. In retrospect, “Be It Hated” is a varied and somewhat audacious take on rock as a whole. The album like the artist has a spirit that cannot be chained. Easily loved by all with this balance, she is seen as welcomed force in this new female singer-songwriter movement. Can’t wait to see more!

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