Album Track: Beyonce ‘Ave Maria’

Beyonce’s latest album, ‘ I am Sacha Fierce’ is the album of her life, with tracks such as ‘If I were a boy’ and ‘All the single Ladies’ bursting into our charts. However, theres one track, ‘Ave Maria’ that i thought was absoultely outstanding.

The song is lyrically and musically beautiful. I have always thought of Beyonce as being a mega star, ever since i was captivated with ‘Listen’ from Dreamgirls which i think is amazing. But when i listened to Ave Maria for the first time, i was in a car on the way to college. Me and my mother were listening and she went to talk and she just shut up and we both listened to this song. It was amazing. As soon as i got home that night i was searching everwhere for it.

It’s a take (revamp) of one of the most famous Hymns ever written and Beyonce has really made it her own, the lyrics and the sound are just amazingly written. It’s the story of a girl who was Lost and finds her “Heaven on Earth”.  The perfect wedding song with lyrics like, ‘You were my heaven on Earth, you are my last my first, and then i hear this voice inside’.

Im not usually one to go all out and praise something without ways of improving. it is unbelievable.


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  1. macca

    I have to agree with you, this song is so beautiful and beyonce just makes it!

    OOoooo Maybe i could have this as the first dance at my wedding, would have to run it by ‘hubby to be’ though! xx

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