Alex Gaudino ft Kelly Rowland – What A Feeling – Single review

My first reaction every time Kelly Rowland releases a new single is to note the amazing change from arguably the ugly duckling of Destiny’s Child to the super-toned dancefloor diva that we see today.

Kelly’s latest single is What A Feeling, a collaboration with Italian DJ/Producer Alex Gaudino (I know! No David Guetta?). It’s a continuation of that disco-infused style that Kelly’s been ruling the charts with since her musical rebirth – which I hold to be 2008’s Work remix.

What I love about Kelly is that she’s consistently forged her own path in pop. She’s not gone out and got herself a wacky Gaga wardrobe, and she hasn’t given in to the temptation to follow Beyonce’s formula for success. Rowland has definitely become the go-to girl for star producers when they want a powerful set of lungs (and an incredibly pretty face) to go with their latest tune.

What A Feeling is perfect summer anthem material – it’s got a playful piano hook running through it, a great beat, and a suggestive vocal from Miss Kelly. I love that flirty lyric in the pre-chorus where she sings “Boy you got my attention/What’s up?”. If there’s one criticism, the song has a standard verse/chorus setup. This means we get a couple of times round that wonderful chorus, but there’s a missed opportunity for an orgasmic climax that would have suited this song perfectly. Maybe I was just hankering for a key change…

Still, don’t let that discourage you reader – What A Feeling is one of those tracks that’ll mark this summer, whether you’re chilling at the beach or on a Mediterranean dancefloor somewhere. 

Check out the video, in which Kelly hangs out with her backing dancers looking hot. Oh, and thigh-high leather boots. Enough said.*

What A Feeling from Alex Gaudino & Kelly Rowland is out 29th May

* I already feel slightly guilty for not mentioning Alex Gaudino enough in this review, since Kelly is fronting the track and he’s the brains behind the tune. So in order to soothe my conscience, I’d like to remind you that he’s also responsible for massive dancefloor anthems like Destination Calabria and last year’s I’m In Love (I Wanna Do It).

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