Alex Reid and Peter Andre to fight for Jordan’s love?

Every now and then, we try to come up with a novel idea for a TV show. Here’s one for the folks at ITV – combining ITV2’s two biggest assets (no, not Katie Price’s boobs), [[Katie Price|Katie]] and [[Peter Andre|Peter]], in the reality TV event of the decade!

Here’s the pitch – Katie’s with cagefighter [[Alex Reid]], but the press say that she wants Peter back. The rumours are that Peter’s frantically texting her to get back together (before the pop career goes into another decade-long hibernation). So, instead of all this faffing around, why not do things the real man way and have a proper fight to determine who wins fair Katie’s hand?

The concept is this – Peter goes head to head in a televised cage match with Alex Reid. In a massive cross-channel marketing coup, we bring in National Treasure Cheryl Cole to sing her hit single Fight For This Love, except she’ll change the lyrics to (Cage) Fight For This Love. Because anything that’s worth having, is sure enough worth fighting for.

Here is an explosive poster concept we’ve put together for the event:

The winner of the bout will be met by Katie, wearing a pre-wedding tiara and her diamond studded “The Champ” dress. The couple will be married in a lavish ceremony one week later (televised, naturally – all exclusive magazine deals already in place and surface to air missiles at the venue to take out the more daring paparazzi), and will proceed to renew their vows every two years for added publicity value.

In the intervening years, Katie will release volumes 3-6 of her autobiography, each one detailing how perfect the marriage is and how life is like a fairytale and how this marriage will last.

If, of course, the marriage ends in a sticky divorce, The Saturdays can always re-release Forever Is Over. We don’t need to mention that the opportunity for sequels is virtually limitless.

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