Alex Reid wins Celebrity Big Brother 2010

When Dane Bowers and Alex Reid entered the Big Brother house, the tabloids were rife with speculation that they’d had a fist fight on New Year’s Eve. There was even a very obvious bruise on Dane’s forehead.

Isn’t it ironic that those two ended up being the finalists in possibly the last ever [[Celebrity Big Brother (2010 Series)|Celebrity Big Brother]]?

Well, Davina has just announced that Alex Reid is the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2010! After her interview with Dane Bowers, Davina calls Alex out of the house. As he leaves, he quotes Vinnie Jones “It’s been emotional.” We’re all gobsmacked at how quickly he turned around the public opinion of him. As Davina said, when he went into the house, he was resoundingly booed, now he’s exiting the show as the winner and being cheered by the rowdy mob outside.

The best quote about Alex tonight was someone saying he had Mr Potato Head’s ears (I think that was on 8 Out Of 10 Cats) and Dane saying that he was a “lovable prat”. Congratulations, general public, you’ve gone and created a Peter Andre clone. Katie Price is going to be unbearable now.

Who will forget Alex beating the snowman to a pulp at the suggestion of the Tree of Temptation? Or nodding along with Stephen Baldwin as he read the bible? Or the endless barbed insults Vinnie Jones reserved specially for Alex? What about those frequent ponderings on the nature of fame and how he can get more of it?

He tells [[Davina McCall|Davina]] that he’s feeling “very overwhelmed”. You can tell that he’s stunned by the audience reaction, which is quite charming. Davina leads in to a montage of Alex blethering about how he’ll change the world by being a celebrity. He describes himself as “passionate, inspired and a man in love”. He gets immediately booed by the crowd at the slightest mention of Katie Price! Brilliant! Davina says Katie’s in the studio and the crowd boo. She says, “Guys, that’s his girlfriend” and he gets booed again. I think that’s a clear message from the public – you’re likeable now, but we don’t like Price.

Message in Davina’s ear: Quick, change the bloody subject!

He acknowledges “what a cool dude” Dane is, and says he’ll be seeing more of Dane from now on. He briefly talks about Stephen and says he’s interested in learning more about religion. I don’t think any of us believe that for a minute.

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