Alexandra Burke – All Night Long – Single & Video Review

If [[Alexandra Burke]] ever needed a massive hit single, she needs one right now. JLS are ruling the UK as possibly the coolest, most urban boyband the country’s ever seen. Their legions of girlfans are undiminished. And to add insult to injury, Diana Vickers, surely a relic of the 2008 X Factor, appears out of leftfield and scores a #1 single on her first try.

As RandomEnigma says in his latest Single Review Diary, the X Factor winner seems to have been eclipsed by the runner-up acts.

Then we come to All Night Long, Alexandra’s third single from her Overcome album. Jaws will hit the ground. Feet will hit the dancefloor. Here’s Alexandra with not just the best song of her admittedly short career, but perhaps the best pop song to hit the charts in a long while. While we’re all pondering whether Katy Perry or Kylie Minogue will be delivering this year’s big summer hit, it’s possible Burkey has claimed that crown.

All Night Long could be the song that defines Alexandra Burke. I’ve always pegged her as the party girl in Simon Cowell’s stable – the Whitney to Leona’s Mariah. This is a strong, pure-pop track that doesn’t rely on gimmicks to sell it: there are hooks a-plenty, from the sweet as candy pre-chorus to the fist-pumping, anthemic chant of “All night, all night, all night…” This really is a shining gem in a cesspool of really dull pop music right now. And to think it’s coming from a former X Factor winner!

If marks have to be deducted, let’s aim our guns at the ‘guest’ appearance from Pitbull. Is this the best they can do? Pitbull? And, as the ChartBlog folks say:

He’s not really learned from his past mistakes, if his guest moment here is anything to go by. He doesn’t even seem to know whose record he is a guest on. “Alexandra!”, he yelps, before pausing as if to read something off a cue card, “Burke, that is!”.

And I’m going to be grumpy about the Lady Gaga-inspired video which is basically an unimaginative re-hash of Let’s Dance including a Crayola version of the cigarette sunglasses from Gaga’s Telephone vid. Rubbish. It could only have been redeemed by Burke riding an inflatable dolphin in the swimming pool, but nobody seemed to think of that, did they?

Even after all that, it would be a crime if this single didn’t sell bucketloads. Check it out:

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  1. RandomEnigma

    Two mentions in the one article (seeing as I’m a ChartBlog folk also), I have to say, Mr. McGarry, I’m honoured. *wipes tear from eye* It baffles me that this wasn’t chosen as the lead single from the album – more so that we had to endure Bad Boys and Broken Heels before we got this. I was enchanted by this song since she gave a powerful live rendition of this song (minus Pitbull) on Dancing On Ice. This is the most instant hit on the album – probably a good thing they kept it for the Summer so.

    The video is terribly generic isn’t it? I really think they’re basically borrowing elements of every other female artist in the industry today and using them on Alex rather than letting her carve out her own style. Yes, it’s quite difficult but I see Miss Burke as the party animal albeit being a little more sly about her partying ways, than say Ke$ha. Let’s just say Alex is the mischief maker, she doesn’t need to borrow from other artists personality.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      It baffles me that this wasn’t chosen as the lead single from the album – more so that we had to endure Bad Boys and Broken Heels before we got this.

      I prefer it when pop stars don’t release their strongest material right from the start. If they release their best singles first, I always feel that the quality declines with each successive single. Ultimately you end up thinking they’re not as good as they were at the start. Alexandra’s first two singles were passable fare and enjoyable enough in their own right, but All Night Long raises the standard for her in a big way.

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