Alexandra Burke – Broken Heels – Single Review

Alexandra begins her latest single, Broken Heels with a playful call to producer Red One – “You know we can do it better than you, we can do it even better in broken heels!” After dusting up some brawlers in the video for Bad Boys, Burke returns with an anthem for the ladies.

Broken Heels is an uptempo triumph – capturing a little of that The Boy Does Nothing beat which temporarily made Alesha Dixon the nation’s sweetheart a while back. It’s cheeky, it’s sassy, it’s totally Alexandra Burke.

The video’s a complete hoot, too – Alex and her gal pals dressed up in American football gear acting out some hot football fantasies. The thing is, it reminds me of that scene from Scary Movie where Brenda’s super-camp boyfriend encourages her to dress up in football gear and inadvertently calls her Brandon while they’re romping on the bed! If you haven’t seen that scene, I implore you to get that movie out!

Of course, in the X Factor world, Alexandra is the Whitney to Leona Lewis’s Mariah – bolshy, brash and very very funny. Even listening to her in interviews like catching a one-woman hen night, which is why I love this single for Alexandra and I’m kind of glad Syco don’t have her pumping out power ballads like her life depended on it.

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