Alexandra Burke ft Laza Morgan – Start Without You – Single Review

My love affair with Alexandra Burke’s thighs continues with the video for her latest single, Start Without You. Mind you, the jury’s still out on the single.

Let’s start with Burkey’s thighs, which are as delicious a pair of pins as I’ve ever seen in a pop video. It actually took me a minute to realise there was an army of semi-naked YMCA types alongside Alexandra. It’s like a friggin’ magic eye picture – depending on what you want to see, you just tune the rest out. And Miss Burke in an all-over body stocking is quite potent.

Don’t waste your time with those dudes, Alex, they’re clearly not your type.

Time to talk music. So far, Alexandra has managed to stay on trend with some reasonably satisfying singles. Everything’s been in that poppy-electro vein that’s dominated the charts for the last couple of years. The best release to date has arguably been All Night Long, which still stands as my party anthem of 2010.

Start Without You is an entirely different beast. Forget the trend-following and general Gaga-by-the-numbers that we might have seen to date. This is some Reggae/Carribean infused pop madness. I want to hate it, but it’s just too smooth and catchy to casually dismiss. Repeated listens just make it harder to stop humming along.

I’m not sure if the chorus is backed by a whistling sound or steel drums – if it’s whistling, it should have been a full compliment of steel drummers like those guys on Must Be The Music this weekend. With a full steel drum break in the middle instead of that redundant, forgettable rapping by DJ What’s Your Name Again?

My only criticism is the ‘sassy girl’ lyrics. It’s just a small thing, but when people say ‘push it out’…well, the only thing you can really push out of your body is either a shit or a baby (or both at the same time). Either way, the visual I get when Alexandra sings those lyrics isn’t pretty, let me tell you. Although, to steal a comment from a YouTuber:

is she singing about being on her period????


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  1. Dara Hickey

    Aha! Those last lines were golden, Gerard!

    As for me, I’m still not sure this is for Alexandra. She’s better than the crappy rent-a-rappers, the cheesy, 90’s-esque production, and quite franklly awful lyrics that are easier to see as sexual than a dildo.

    “The only one I want on my back”? Oh my.

  2. Past my sell by

    You old Perv Gerard! Never heard such a graphic description of ‘pushing it out’ – you’ve obviously never given birth, as they usually give you an enema first!

    …Well, what can I say…..another rip off… right from


    just listen and I’m sure you will here the melody of ” iko iko i ay !  (My grandma and your grandma, sitting by the fire….etc)…one of the songs from my youth.

    I only found out the other day that Alexander’s mother was Melissa from Soul 11 Soul, so that’s where she gets it from!


    1. Gerard McGarry

      Captain Perv, all present and correct! And can I say, I’ve been present at three births and each one had its fair share of midwives urging the missus to “push”! You can see where I’m having trouble with that lyric, can’t you?

      As for the melody – I was going nuts trying to work out why it was so familiar. I’m only vaguely aware of the tune you’re talking about, but it’s obscure and years old, isn’t it? I’m thinking it reminds me of the 80’s – and did the original possibly have steel drums?

      1. Past my sell by

        Not sure about steel drums but ‘Odd One’ on his review of this single said it was a Dixies number …I thought it was one of Boney M’s remakes but not sure and now frankly don’t care!  She’s going to make a lot of money out of it anyway …there’s bound to be loads of youngsters desperate to sing along to this one.

  3. Past my sell by

    Regardless of what I said before, there is no doubt that Alexandra has one of the most mesmerising faces…her eyes are so sultry, her mouth is uber-large and she has all the expressions off to a tee….she really doesn’t need to get half-naked, act provocatively and behave like every other coloured artist/backing dancer that jumps around and wiggles her  ample booty!  I’ve stopped watching the music channels because they are just so rude now and nearly all the same …goodness knows how you are supposed to monitor what your children are watching these days when they show explicit videos in the afternoon.  Luckily mine are over the age of consent so it doesn’t really apply to me. Don’t white people make good music anymore?  (without copying the Americans)..we seem to be swamped with imported crap….and I’m definitely no racist, just a bit fed up with seeing the same old rappa crappa.

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