Alexandra Burke’s new single – Broken Heels

Alexandra Burke

The Alexandra Burke machine keeps on rolling, with Broken Heels reportedly the third single from her debut album, Overcome.

Nice to see her keeping it uptempo with this busy pop track, which owes more than a little bit to Alesha Dixon’s The Boy Does Nothing. It’s got that same funky pop vibe, with the ever-bolshy Burke claiming that “anything you can do, we can do better/we can even do it better in broken heels”.

There are a few suggestive lyrical moments, including the “you grow hard, yes you do…” which kind of push the boundaries (and I’m guessing exclude a primetime weekend plug on X Factor) unless they make a last-minute change!

No video available for the single just jet, but Alexandra is said to be rehearsing in Los Angeles for the shoot. She said on Twitter:

2nd Day of rehearsals for BROKEN HEELS! OMG! I hope u guys love this video! Me and my girls are working HARD!!! 🙂

Looking forward to it, and still loving Bad Boys… I’ll post the video when it gets released!

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