Alyson Hannigan joins cast of American Pie 4

That’s right – American Pie is coming back for an incredible fourth sequel – and Alyson Hannigan is perhaps one of the last members of the original cast to agree to come back.

The upcoming movie will be titled American Reunion, and will see the original characters returning to East Great Falls for the ten-year reunion of their high school class. Way to make us feel old, Hollywood!

Hannigan was no slave to the franchise even ten years ago. She was still flying high on the success of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. And of course, she went on to become part of the hugely successful sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

For a while it looked like Hannigan’s work committments to HIMYM were going to rule out her involvement in the American Pie 4 project, but it’s now believed she’ll shoot her scenes before returning to work on How I Met Your Mother.

Apparently, Alyson’s character Michelle will still be happily married to gormless Jim (Jason Biggs) and the pair will have a child. In the new movie, Jim’s video with foreign exchange student Nadia will have become a YouTube sensation, and I’ve heard that an attractive neighbour will have developed a crush on him as well. Plenty of scope for marital dischord then!

Other original stars reprising their roles on the American Pie 4 project are Tara Reid, Chris Klein (as Oz) and Mena Suvari. Eddie Kaye Thomas is probably returning as well, since his character returns as an ‘eternal traveller’ type. Hopefully they’ll let Seann William Scott out of rehab – it wouldn’t be a reunion without the Stiffmeister!

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