American Bang release debut single Whiskey Walk

I don’t know about you, but I get restless when I haven’t heard good rock music in a while. It’s been that way lately, lots of radio-friendly stuff and telly watching, and not enough rock and riffage.

Let me introduce you to American Bang, the band who helped me scratch that itch. I got an email about these guys the other day, bounced over to their MySpace page and turned the volume up. Even now, my computer desk is vibrating to the beat of Whiskey Walk, the band’s debut single.

Just listen to a few of their songs, and you can tell American Bang (which, surprisingly, is not also the name of a porn site – I checked) have a fine hard rock pedigree. You could easily draw comparisons with Southern bands like The Black Crowes and more recently Black Stone Cherry. And just sometimes, lead singer Jaren Johnston will remind you of a certain Mr Followil in his vocal stylings.

Still, American Bang’s songs have a distinctive swagger all of their own. This is a band who knows how to write big, anthemic songs and make it look effortless. Check out Wild And Young and witness rock perfection. Let’s introduce the band:

  • Jaren Johnston – Guitar, lead vocals
  • Neil Mason – Drums
  • Kelby Ray – Bass
  • Ben Brown – Guitar

I want to share a little story about Johnston that’s on the band’s bio – it’s a great rock n roll anecdote:

[Johnston] first followed in his dad’s footsteps by playing drums, but soon decided to follow his father’s advice instead: “If you want to pay the bills, you play the drums. If you want to make a living, you’ll learn how to write songs.” And with that, a young Johnston picked up the guitar and began to hone his songwriting skills.

OK. All that remains to say is that American Bang release their self-title debut album this spring. If you like their music, spread the word and make sure more people find out about this awesome band.

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