American Idol 2009: Group 2 results

Right-o, so we saw the fruits of the second round live show tonight in the UK. Over in the US of A, the results of the public vote have been announced.

Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert have made it through to the finals of American Idol. Much like [[Michael Sarver]] in last week’s rounds, many people feel that Kris Allen is the weakest of the three. Brad has quite a nice run-down of the results show, so check that out. The consensus is that Megan Corkrey must be headed for the wild card round.

Shocker: Kris is through, Megan is not. Judging from, the vote outside Allison and Adam, who dominated, was very close. So Kris must have squeaked out of the pack. He sings again. And a little better than last night, though still flawed. Corkrey, meanwhile, has to be headed to the wild card round, given how much the judges talked her up last night — when she wasn’t that good.

The other key point that is repeatedly being made is that the show closer has been the favourite for the past two weeks now. Is that a blatant ploy from the producers?

And in answer to my question earlier this evening, Nick Mitchell, aka Norman Gentle was unceremoniously booted by the American public. So much for appreciating his sense of humour and unique appeal. Bye bye funny man!

Oh, and a take-away lesson for the producers – the last two weeks, people are complaining like crazy about the hour-long results show. It’s all padding! You could cut that down to a half hour comfortably, and people wouldn’t have to sit through a recap of a show they saw the previous day! It’s really no wonder people Tivo (or Sky+) the show and fast forward past the adverts. All they want to know is who’s going through.

So please, cut the length of the results show down. Maybe give us half an hour results, followed by half an hour backstage analysis?

(Members, please feel free to create wiki pages for [[Allison Iraheta]], [[Kris Allen]] and [[Adam Lambert]]!)

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  1. Lisa McGarry

    The trick of placing the best/favourite contestant last is also played on the UK’s X Factor. It surely has to be a ploy to ensure that the producers favourite gets through?

    Can I also ask why they bother having the group perform a song at the start of the show if they are merely lip synching. These people are supposed to be the best singers in America, surely they could manage a live performance!

  2. WelshSinger

    I have to say, i like kris. the tone to his voice is nice, mayeb the wrong song, but it wasnt as much of a disaster as some people thought. He is however, the weakest of the 3.

    I think also, that somehow Mischavonna Henson who sung ‘Drops of Jupiter’ was ignored in the votes. I usually agree with the panel, however i thought that she sung it brilliantly, it was different and stood out like Adam and Allison. her voice is very good. Im hoping she will be put forward for the Wilcard round. I think that Megan Corkrey will be in the wildcard round also. Seeing as there is 3 groups of 12, for the wildcard, am i right in thinking therell be 4 from each group ?

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