American Idol 2010 – Boston Auditions! Day 2

Back for Day 2 of the Boston auditions for [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol]], and Simon is late because he went looking for the Tea Party. Click here for our Boston Auditions Day 1 coverage.

Lisa Olivero

Pretty waitress Lisa is a self-taught singer who describes music as a spiritual experience. She’s singing Vision Of Love by Mariah Carey. It’s one of those auditions where you don’t know if the judges are loving it or hating it. OK, Kara gives the game away by holding her head.

Randy tells her “it wasn’t good” and Kara shakes her head at the high notes. Victoria and Randy’s jaws hit the ground as the curvy waitress leaves the room. Yummy…

Mike Davis

Mike works on a speedboat. Yay. But he also sings, and he’s auditioning with Yesterday by The Beatles. It’s a good clean vocal. Simon calls him “confident without being obnoxious”. Simon has a flip-out at the inane banter between Mike and the judges. Temper. temper, Mr Cowell. Simon stalks out of the room, followed by Randy, leaving the girls to work it out. Luckily for Mike, they send him away with a golden ticket.

Mike’s the first auditionee of Day 2 to get through to the Hollywood round.

Katie Stevens

16 year old Katie is close with her grandmother and wants to succeed in her dream before her gran succumbs to Alzheimers. She’s got a remarkably powerful voice for a high school student, and the judges are rapt, possibly slightly bored.

[[Kara DioGuardi|Kara]] tells her “for 16, to be able to sing like that is pretty amazing”. Victoria compliments her stage presence. Golden ticket, you’re off to Hollywood (dawg).

Never ones to miss an opportunity, the Idol crew film Katie phoning her grandmother to tell her the good news.

Joshua Blaylock

New Yorker Joshua is playing the “last shot at fame” card. Simon blasts him for being forgettable, and not assertive enough. He concedes that Joshua is likeable, but Kara cuts through the crap and gives him a yes – the other judges put him through.

But it looks like Joshua has a little work to do on self-confidence and possibly making his act a little more memorable.

Justin Williams

Cancer survivor Justin returns – he got through to Hollywood last year (although this isn’t mentioned in tonight’s episode). He’s a good-looking guy and a great singer, has a unique approach to the song he’s singing. Randy asks him if he wants to be a Michael Buble type of singer. Kara says she’s going to remember him (although she clearly doesn’t remember him from last year). All the same, the judges give him the golden ticket.

Norberto Guererro

Norberto looks like a Michael Jackson parody, and he sings in a terrible falsetto. His choice of song is Cascada’s Every Time We Touch, which is utterly awful.  Simon: “Even the fact that you were singing that with a beard made it all the more strange. You sing like a three year old girl, dress like LaToya Jackson. The whole thing was just too weird.”

Dude, that was just freaky…

Bosa Mora

Bosa is a hopeful in every sense of the word – he seems like a really humble guy, just looking for a shot. [[Simon Cowell|Simon]] describes him as “good but boring”. Victoria disagrees. He gets three votes from Kara, Randy and Victoria, but needs to go away and work on his routine, because Simon was on the money about his boring performance. He needs to find a way to stand out.

Leah Laurenti

Cloistered churchie kid wants to make it as a singer. She’s actually emotional about it when she talks to Simon. The song she’s singing is called Blue Skies. She’s got a good voice, quite jazzy.

[[Randy Jackson|Randy]]: “One of the best I’ve heard today. Nice control, nice tone.” Kara: “You’re a really good singer. I think you need to know that you really are good.” Leah walks away with one of those golden tickets.

Well, that’s it for the first night of American Idol – stick with us tomorrow for more news and opinions from Unreality Shout!

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