American Idol 2010 – Chicago Auditions!

The [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol]] auditions continue this week with the Chicago rounds – and there’s plenty of choice language and behaviour from the upset citizens of the Windy City. And this time, the judges are joined by Country/Rock crossover star, Shania ‘Eileen’ Twain!

The judges take their seats, and Simon makes sure to sit close to Shania. Is she still single?

Katelyn Epperly

First-time auditionee Katelyn has chosen to audition after her parents’ marriage broke down. With some encouragement from her mother, she turns up for the Chicago auditions. After some not-so-gentle prodding by Simon, she tells her story to the judges – hello, Simon? Divorcee to your left!

Katelyn sings Syrup and Honey by Duffy. It doesn’t really do much for me, but Shania thinks she sounded quite unique. Randy admires her for not trying to sound like Duffy and Adele. She receives four yeses and a “Welcome to Hollywood” holler from [[Randy Jackson]]! That’s a good start to the Chicago auditions!

Amy Lang

Okay, the effervescent Amy bounces her way through a hyperactive VT. She seems to be more here to see how [[Ryan Seacrest]] looks in the flesh. She’s been having sex dreams about him, it seems. He sends her into the audition room while he gets a restraining order against her.

The waitress immediately falls to the ground, springs up and blasts into Aretha Franklin’s Dr. Feelgood. More memorably, she does a funky dance with her boobs that gets the attention of the judges. Unfortunately there are more outlets for chubby girls with talented breasts than for Amy to be a singer, so the judges politely decline. Amy and her dancing boobs go home.

Charity Vance

Perky 16 year old blonde, Charity is a big fan of American Idol. She comes before the judges with a rendition of Summertime. Not the Fresh Prince version.

As a vocalist, I rate her higher than Katelyn. Randy’s really impressed – “small voice, but very interesting sound”. Kara says she has a lot of personal style, while [[Simon Cowell]] says that on record, she’d sound great. She gets four yeses and a golden ticket to Hollywood round! She seems like a bubbly little thing – is she one to watch in this competition?

We take a break to be ‘entertained’ by some genuine freakbags. What’s the name of the local asylum in Chicago? Are they missing some patients? This is where tantrum time begins, with some frustrated rejects (and their mothers) facing up to some harsh truths.

Angela Martin

Angela is a former auditionee who had to drop out of the competition last year after getting to the top 50. Singing a Mary J Blige song, she shows off a great voice, a lot of sass, which I like.

Shania says “you have the right attitude and I like your voice”. [[Kara DioGuardi]] says she likes how Angela listened to the criticism from last time and worked on it. She gets a full four yeses from the judges and is through to Hollywood.

We see some excited successful auditionees coming out of the audition room with golden tickets.

Curley Newbern

Smooth sounding Curley chooses to sing to the judges in a frightening falsetto, causing the judges to break into fits of laughter. He draws some mean comments from the judges and wanders off while they’re still mocking him. Wise man.

Unfazed, her just strolls out of the building, saying “Maybe next time…”

Alannah Halbert

19 year old bookstore worker Alannah attempts Whitney’s I Will Always Love You, but can’t hit those high notes, even though Shania, Randy and Kara try to give her the note.

Brian Krause

Brian was a singer for the troops, but was told not to sing while in uniform (he must be bad). Squealing like a man demented, Brian prances around the audition room, Simon asks him to swear that he’s not joking. He refers to Randy and Simon as Mr Jackson and Mr Cowell. Failing to get taken seriously, he gets kicked out.

Sad little Ryan is lamenting the fact that no golden tickets have been given out during Day 2 so far. Awww…

Here comes another contender – tired of eating microwave dinners, seeking the steak, here’s…

Harold Davis

The 25 year old construction worker comes on with an Usher song – he’s got a good voice, underneath the over-ambitious warbling that he does. He’s charming the judges, as Kara bops along to the song. Kara: Your vocals are not where they need to be.

Harold puts on another fine performance for the judges – he bursts into tears. Damn, I thought he was getting through.

John Park

Hint: this guy is rumoured to have got quite far in the process already. The 20 year old college student croons for the judges. The voice is rough around the edges, but there’s definite potential there. Shania compliments him on his “beautiful bottom end”, nice lips. Shania goes out of control on the double entendres.

Kara agrees, saying “I think you have a really good voice.” The judges hand out one of those golden tickets and craziness ensues.

Paige Dechausse

21 year old Paige travelled up in a limo courtesy of Paige’s grandmother. She tells us a story about an asthma attack she had. Great. Better yet, she sings Sam Cooke’s A Change Is Gonna Come. I love that song, and she totally does it justice. I even got a little tingle.

Simon calls her performance a little self-indulgent. Shania gives her a yes and Kara see potential in her. Randy deliberates, but gets some very welcome pressure from the ladyjudges. Of course, he capitulates and gives the girl a golden ticket. I can’t work out what Simon’s big problem was with her. Strange.

In the little array of golden ticket winners, eagle-eyed British viewers will recognized Keith Semple. OK, you won’t, because you’ve already forgotten about One True Voice, the manufactured boyband created by Popstars: The Rivals. It looks like the One True Voice boys are trying to make their individual comebacks, as Daniel Pearce from the band appeared on [[The X Factor 2009|X Factor 2009]], but didn’t make the finals.

And from what we hear, problems with Keith’s visa cause problems for him, meaning he might not be going much further than Hollywood. Watch this space for more news.

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