American Idol 2010 – Didi Benami favourite to be eliminated?

If the various American Idol bloggers and pundits are to be believed, [[Didi Benami]] is the hot favourite to by eliminated from the show tonight.

Even I’ll admit her rendition of What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted was lackluster, but this is the age old limitation of the [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol]] format – singers are expected to sing outside of their chosen genre, putting them outside of their comfort zone and in danger of losing public opinion. MTV’s Idol experts have ruled:

MTV “Idol” idolizer Jim Cantiello put his bid in for Benami, saying her limp “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted” was just plain uncomfortable and hard to watch. The judges agreed and said she messed up by getting outside of her singer/songwriter zone and just confusing the audience.

Over on the LA Times buzzmeter, their straw poll of Idol experts predicts Benami will be in the bottom three alongside [[Andrew Garcia]] and [[Tim Urban]].

Our “American Idol” experts have spoken, and the majority of our panelists expect Didi Benami to be sent home Wednesday night (despite her trademark tears). The rest are split between Tim Urban and Andrew Garcia.

Here’s the thing – the difference between Didi and the others ([[Katie Stevens]] is also suggested as a possibility by another blog) is that Benami has been consistently good for weeks. Garcia and Urban have failed to live up to expectations, while Stevens can barely remain in tune and still attracts positive comments, particularly from Kara and Simon.

I ‘get’ that Didi gave an underwhelming performance this week. But I would hope that [[Kara DioGuardi]]’s comment to fellow contestant [[Siobhan Magnus]] applies here too – everyone has an off week now and then, and she deserves a break since she’s been good so far.

Hopefully when I wake up in the morning, the axe will have fallen on Teflon Tim or Katie Stevens and not on the lovely Didi…

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