American Idol 2010 – Elimination Show coverage

I wanna try something a little bit different with my [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol]] elimination show coverage tonight. Rather than recap the whole thing as we do on the live shows, I want to pick out the parts of the show that we really need to talk about – the pure discussion points.

Seacrest v Cowell

If you remember on Rolling Stones night, Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell appeared to have a ‘hostile moment’, when Ryan walked up to Cowell and asked him for constructive criticism for [[Michael Lynche|Mike Lynche]]. Cowell responded poorly to that.

On the results show, Seacrest reprised his “in your face” behaviour with Simon. At first I assumed that it was intended to show there was no malice intended, but Cowell wasn’t in the mood for fun. He told Ryan to back off and stop eyeballing him. Even though he offered a handshake to prove they were friends, it was a very stiff and awkward moment.

So I’m confused. Is this hostility between Cowell and Seacrest genuine, or is it manufactured to cause a bit of controversy on the show?

Great Big Ford Advert

Just for the few of us who weren’t aware Ford is sponsoring American Idol this year…the Idol finalists got to appear in a Ford advert and design their own custom paintwork.

On one hand, my skin crawled at how blatant the Ford spot was. OK, they kept it very Idol-centric, but come on! You’re a big advert in the middle of a results show! On the other hand though, I thought the advert was fantastic – showing the Idol finalists driving around paintbombing each other’s cars. They all looked great – hi, Didi! – and it was a fun advert. The custom paintwork spot was less interesting – it felt like the finalists were told to look interested and say design-y things.

How do you guys feel about a massive advert intruding on your Idol evening?

Celebrity Guests

Three celebrity performances tonight on American Idol – including returning Idol David Cook with a cover of the Stones’ Jumping Jack Flash. Orianthi knocked us out with her amazing guitar skills on According To You. And then the dregs of the pop world – Ke$ha and 3OH!3 gave us a blast of their utterly meaningless single Blah Blah Blah.

I think my favourite was David Cook, but maybe that’s because he was doing a song I vaguely recognised. What about you?

Bottom Three

Coming bottom of the public vote tonight were [[Tim Urban]] who did an audience alienating reggae version of Under My Thumb. [[Paige Miles]] continues to find herself less popular, despite a significantly better performance this week. And [[Lacey Brown]] takes a hit after singing Ruby Tuesday. And now, considering both of our overtly Christian contestants are in the bottom two, we can discount the religious voters as a relevant bloc.

I’m finding that the pale imitations are in trouble at the moment. Remember when I said [[Lilly Scott]] was a lighter version of [[Crystal Bowersox]]. Well, like [[Alex Lambert]] last week, it seems the male guitar crooners aren’t too popular. Tim’s in the bottom three. Is that because Lee DeWyze has that market sewn up? If so, is Aaron Kelly in trouble too? Likewise, Lacey Brown pales in comparison to Miss Benami.

For my money, all the ‘quality’ contestants remain – the Bowersox, the Lynche, the James and the Benami. Maybe even the DeWyze.

Lacey Brown Gets Eliminated

When it came down to it, Lacey Brown and Paige Miles both found themselves in the bottom two. Lacey has the lowest votes, but the judges have an opportunity to save her after she sings a final song. She chooses to sing The Story.

While she sings, we see Randy has slipped down to have an animated debate with Cowell – is this them deciding whether to save Lacey? Simon says “It was unanimous, and unfortunately we won’t be using it tonight. Sorry.”

So, what do you think? Was it the right choice to let Lacey go? Let the petitions to bring her back commence!

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  1. steviekane

    It was St Patrick’s day yesterday, and I was d-runk, so I’m commenting on yours by way of a post. 

    Personally, i don’t see that Didi is the slightest bit attractive, but then, that’s my outlook, and I’m sure you’d have lots to say about Crystal and Lacey.

    Oh Lacey, I will miss your beautiful eyes, but someone had to go, and it’s unfortunate that it wasn’t Tim or Paige. I have to say though, Gerard, that I’m not convinced that this set of contenders is a good example of the power, or lack thereof, of the religious voting bloc. I say this because we are aware of the religious backgrounds of the contestants, but not one of them has thrown it out there to the degree that people could vote for them, safe in the knowledge that they were supporting a “Christian Idol”. I think they’d have to be way more preachy for that.

    As for the Ford ad, i can only say that it is a great example of the sheer amount of money involved in this stupid endeavor. The production value on that thing was re-cock-ulous and I’ll bet the Idols didn’t see a penny of the money, because they are owned by the show. 


    One other thing I’d like to bring to your attention Gerard – I’ll be starting my insane petition to get Lacey reinstated tomorrow, right after i burn my eyes out with hot coals.



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