American Idol 2010 Eliminations – Epperly, Lambert, Hall and Scott go home

Here we are again for the last bulk elimination of [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol 2010]]. That’s right, after tonight we’ll be in Final 12 territory and it’ll be one elimination per week.

So far, I think America has done a great job of weeding out the weakest contestants. Certainly, all the singers that I personally rate are still in the running. [[Ryan Seacrest]] reveals that next week’s theme will be Rolling Stones songs, which is awesome and weird at the same time – I don’t really know many Stones songs.

The group performance is a servicable Michael Buble song – I Just Haven’t Met You Yet – and I have a sneaking suspicion that the finalists might be singing live. Are they? Let me know what you think.

Ryan calls the girls up for the first elimination – [[Didi Benami]] and [[Siobhan Magnus]] get a straight pass. Then it’s between [[Paige Miles]] and [[Katelyn Epperly]]. Asked about who has the most potential, Simon answers in a round-about way, but says Paige does. His instinct is right – Paige stays and Katelyn is going home. Katelyn gives a half-hearted performance of I Feel The Earth Move, reminding us just why she’s going home.

On to the first male elimination – [[Casey James]] gets the first ‘safe’ vote. Without any further messing about, Ryan tells [[Tim Urban]] he’s through to the next stage. I’m stoked for Tim, he’s becoming a favourite of mine. Suddenly it’s between [[Todrick Hall]] and [[Lee DeWyze]]. It’s a no-brainer, folks, Todrick has been just awful. He’s been trading on a little R&B ditty he wrote that impressed the judges once at auditions. And he hasn’t been able to reclaim that audition-stage glory since. Andrew Garcia, take note!

Todrick gives us a reprise of Queen’s Somebody To Love. Good luck on Broadway, Todrick.

OK, the third round of eliminations starts. Ryan calls [[Crystal Bowersox]], and his high praise is a lead-in to Crystal being through to the Top 12. Next up is [[Michael Lynche]], and there aren’t going to be any surprises here, either. Ryan asks him if he can fit on one stood, then sends him over to find out – Big Mike’s safe!

Ryan toys with [[Lacey Brown]] a little bit before sending her through to the Top 12. Then he calls [[Aaron Kelly]], compliments his country vibe but asks how he’s going to raise his confidence. Aaron’s safe – I’m pleased for the kid, but he’s got a little bit of work to do to catch up.

Now it’s between [[Alex Lambert]] and [[Andrew Garcia]]. Andrew Garcia gets the last male spot in the Top 12. I’m a little sad for Alex, who’s obviously gutted at the elimination. Having said that, Garcia has been underwhelming for the last few weeks. He’s been good, but not great. Alex sings us out, and I think we wish him and his mullet all the best. Seriously.

Final elimination – it’s between [[Katie Stevens]] and [[Lilly Scott]]. Ryan announces that Katie is safe and Lilly is eliminated, and we see Kara shaking her head – it doesn’t look like she agrees with that outcome. It’s funny, but I’ve always felt that Lilly would be second fiddle to Crystal Bowersox in this competition – both strong, unique performers. But Crystal would always have the edge on Lilly in my opinion.

Then Lilly sings I Fall To Pieces and I remember just how much I hated that performance the other night. What an awful song choice. Catastrophic!

So, there are your eliminations for tonight guys –

  1. Katelyn Epperly
  2. Todrick Hall
  3. Alex Lambert
  4. Lilly Scott

Who was robbed, and who would you have preferred to go home? Me, I think the end result has been fine. I’m gonna cover the Top 12 a little bit later and give my thoughts on each remaining contestant, especially MY front-runners. Chat with me in the comments…

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