American Idol 2010 finalists sing Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

The American Idol Top 11 finalists mimed Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go-go for their group performance last night. I say mimed, because [[Casey James]] couldn’t have made it more obvious that he wasn’t singing. Of all the Idol finalists, he’s the one who looks inwardly mortified each time they do these group pieces.

And who else let out an uncharitable chuckle when [[Didi Benami]] almost fell off the stage stairs? Poor Didi wobbled during the group routine, then nearly fell backwards off the stage. If that wasn’t so bad, later in the routine, she almost fell backwards onto Crystal Bowersox. The saddest part was that I found it cute, like watching a drunken Bambi meander around the stage on unsteady legs. Wearing a sexy dress and looking hot. Oh, Bambi!

And it never fails to baffle me how Crystal Bowersox throws herself into these cheesy group performances. I have an idea of her in my head as someone who has thumbed her nose at Idol in the past (remember when she claimed never to have watched the show?) So, to see her doing a Glee-inspired version of a Wham classic makes my head spin. Maybe we secretly want her to be the indie artist who’s sneering at the Idol process from the inside, but it looks more likely that Crystal is loving every single minute of being in the world’s biggest reality TV show.

For you readers, check out that group performance, and Bambi Benami teetering around the stage…

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