American Idol 2010 – Hollywood’s Over: The Top 24 Finalists

We’ve just watched yesterday’s [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol]] two-hour extravaganza. Let’s be honest here – we love the talent, there are some great singers in the shortlist so far, but those last two hours were a waste of my time as a viewer. Come on Idol! Why not get straight to the finalists’ names and give us some video clips introducing them to us properly? Why all the stale audition angst and drawn-out meetings with the four judges?

Starting off tonight with Janell Wheeler – we see her underwhelm [[Simon Cowell]], then regain some respect from the judges and then fall from grace again. She meets with the judges and Ellen gives her the extended interview. And based on Ellen’s patter, Janell is going through. And eventually, when Ellen gets to the end of her schpeil, she confirms that Janell is through to the final 24.

Next up is retro-haired Tyler Grady – who drew comparisons with Jim Morrison in the looks department. Kara fawns over his retro-rock stylings, his moves and his dress sense and his…um…speech patterns. Tyler’s an obvious finalist, and he gets the good news that he’s an American Idol Top 24 finalist!

Lacey Brown is the next contestant to meet the judges. She bounced back from rejection last year to audition again this year. Simon gives her a reasonably direct reveal – she’s through to the finals. Surely with three successful contestants, the Idol formula dictates that we’re due for a rejection?

And after a selection of approvals, the next auditionee is Crystal Bowersox. We’re biting our nails here. But Simon’s giving out good vibes! Crystal gets through to the Top 24. Randy inadvertently names her Mama Sox – oh, that’s gonna stick right through the series…

Bostonian auditionee Katie Stevens is next to sit in front of the judges. Chillingly, as Katie sits down, the screen behind her is showing footage of her grandmother – the one with the Alzheimer’s. [[Ellen DeGeneres]] plays the ‘I’m about to give you bad news’ card, but Katie looks devastated and so they give her the news straight – you’re through!

And now we get the rejection reel – full of rejected wannabes giving tear-filled goodbyes to their fellow auditionees.

Coming down the impossibly long walk to meet the judges is Angela Martin. Wow, this girl’s story is strong – father died the first year she auditioned, her daughter suffers from seizures and she went to jail!!! [[Kara DioGuardi]] gives her the softly softly treatment – I can’t believe they’re rejecting her! I am soooo devastated for Angela – it’s not often I send messages out through my blog posts, but Angela, I thought you were brilliant – keep your chin up!

Lilly Scott is our next auditionee. She’s talking to Kara, which is a bad sign after what happened to Angela! Phew – it looked like Kara was going to reject her, but Lilly got through! This gets followed by a ton of positive responses from the judges. Some names we recognize, some we’ve barely seen throughout the auditions process.

Haeley Vaughn and Tori Kelly are competing for the last female place in the Top 24. This could go badly! Haeley gets mixed response from Simon – he calls her annoying in places but praises her ability to adapt. Haeley gets through while Tori is sent home.

And now for the guys – Thaddeus Johnson versus Andrew Garcia! Garcia has to get through, no doubt about it! Thaddeus gets a curt let-down from Simon and walks away disappointed. On the upside, was it just me, or was his mum really hot? And yes, that means Andrew Garcia is the last person to join American Idol’s Top 24! He’s understandably emotional, but did he say to his dad “Kiss my big poon”?

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