American Idol 2010: Michael Lynche goes home

Let’s get it out of the way folks – Michael Lynche is this week’s eliminee from [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol]], putting paid to his dreams of at least ending in the Top 3. Do you get the impression that was a dumb revelation to make?

[[Michael Lynche]]’s Idol journey has kind of gone out on a weak note for me. I remember loving seeing him in the early stages, playing guitar and singing. He had a bluesy vibe and – as Kara remarked one week – he was the most comfortable performer on stage. However, while the judges were pressing Crystal to keep being herself, Michael was subtly nudged toward a rather clichéd R&B style, by [[Randy Jackson]] of all people.

I kind of feel that Big Mike’s uniqueness was eroded away – I much preferred him when he was singing music that mattered to him. As you already know, Michael would have been eliminated from the show weeks back, except on that week, the judges chose to use their save to bring him back into the competition.

[[Ryan Seacrest]] talks a little bit with Michael about how he approached his rendition of a Michael Jackson song. But is it fair to say that covering Michael Jackson might be the kiss of death for any artist on a reality TV show? Have you ever heard an aspiring wannabe do justice to a Jackson song?

It was a little touching to watch the other contestants – [[Lee DeWyze]], [[Casey James]] and [[Crystal Bowersox]] – who were clearly visibly upset that Mike was out of the show. This is a dude who benchpressed Ryan Seacrest (and Aaron Kelly, and probably anybody else who was nearby). What a cool guy.

Guest performers

The American Idol elimination show featured performances from stripper-named former Idol winner Fantastia. Speaking as a UK viewer, Fantastia’s fame has never really crossed the ocean to reach our ears. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. My ears are ringing from that performance.

Chris Daughtry also returns to the Idol stage for a brilliant rock rendition of his latest single, September. Yes, the shiny-domed one consistently impresses me every time I hear his voice. I like Daughtry, he’s a true success story from American Idol, and perhaps an example for this season’s losers.

Finally, Bon Jovi grace us with a performance of Superman Tonight. So, Jon finally worked Superman into a song title. Good for him. Though I’m finding it hard to get excited about anything new from the Bon Jovi camp these days. I know they’re 20 years older than when I first fell in love with the band, but there’s just no energy in their music these days. I was spinning Slippery When Wet and New Jersey this week, and those songs, even the b-sides, were just fantastic. This countrified ‘Jovi consistently fails to excite me.

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