American Idol 2010 – Park, Sellers, Delamor and Vaughn eliminated

Funny how, when you run all the judges comments together on American Idol, they sound a little bit pissy and cliched. All that talk of not knowing what “it” is, but you’ve got it, and “stepping it up” comes across as insincere. Really? Step it up? In what way – care to be more specific, dear judges?

Interestingly, Cowell notes that he’s been second-guessing himself lately – comments that he’s given, he’s regretted on watching the show back again. They definitely hear something different in the studio to whatever mix the viewers at home get. He wouldn’t be drawn by Seacrest on who particularly caused Simon to change his mind.

Next is the group performance of I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas. Is it just me, or are these particularly train-wreck TV this year. The fake smiling is grating, every single one of them looks uncomfortable (sharing the limelight?), and their movements on the stage are robotic. Not great. Not even close. Maybe the difference is that this year Glee has raised the standard for group performances? Can we expect a wheelchair group routine on Idol soon?

First Elimination

[[Tim Urban]] returns next week. Not bad for a guy who was brought in as a replacement and got seriously bad reviews in his first week. Big [[Michael Lynche]] secures his place in the contest with his usual warm smile. Even though Kara turned against him this week, [[Casey James]] is saved.

The first elimination is between [[Todrick Hall]] and [[John Park]], but Todrick is saved and as Simon predicted, “Purple Haze are getting their lead singer back this week.” John says he has no regrets taking part in the show and gives us a blast of Mayer’s Gravity again.

Second Elimination

[[Lee DeWyze]] is called to stand next, but there’s no chance he’s going anywhere – the judges loved him. He’s safe. Next is [[Aaron Kelly]], another popular contestant – he’s safe too. [[Alex Lambert]] is also safe for another week.

This leaves the last male elimination between [[Andrew Garcia]] and [[Jermaine Sellers]]. Now, Garcia may not have been perfect and has a long way to go to reclaim his audition-stage heights, but Sellers has been simply…weird. Jermaine Sellers gets the boot, Andrew Garcia is safe.

In between, we get treated to a performance by Danny Gokey, but I’ll cover that seperately.

Third Elmination

First off – definitely safe – is [[Lilly Scott]]. Ryan messes with her for a bit, but she’s back next week. [[Paige Miles]] will return next week as well. The slightly shaky [[Katie Stevens]] got some lukewarm reception, but Katie is also safe.

That leaves [[Didi Benami]] and [[Michelle Delamor]]. Despite her miaowing ways, Didi will return to Idol next week. Michelle goes home.

Fourth Elimination

We all hated [[Katelyn Epperly]]’s version of The Scientist, but somehow she’s safe. Simon’s favourite, [[Crystal Bowersox]] overcomes her mystery illness to be saved by the American public. Slightly kooky [[Siobhan Magnus]] will also return for next week’s show.

This leaves [[Haeley Vaughn]] and [[Lacey Brown]]. I’ve liked Haeley, but The Climb is a disaster. Simon seems certain he knows who’s going home, and asks Simon to put her out of her misery – Haeley goes home. Lacey is safe for another week.

There’s a bit of a funny kerfuffle with the stage manager Debbie, but the show ends with little Haeley’s voice cracking with emotion. Or just tunelessness. That was the world’s worst song choice.


Well, it’s no damage to lose Jermaine Sellers – his whole image was totally off kilter and his singing voice didn’t impress me. John Park clearly had potential, but I felt that he hadn’t got a clear idea of where he wanted to go with music.

As for the ladies, I really liked little Haeley, but The Climb was a catastrophic song choice. Sorry to see her go. But Michelle wasn’t a surprise. She was a capable singer, but for some reason completely forgettable.

So far, I’m not too disturbed by the eliminations on Idol. What about you?

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