American Idol 2010: R&B Week – Didi Benami eliminated

I woke up this morning to the news that [[Didi Benami]] had been eliminated from American Idol while I slept. That sounds like a blues song, and it may just be, because I wept into my cornflakes. The hottest girl on [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol]] just got voted off.

But hey, let’s talk about that later. What happened on last night’s elimination show? Well, an orgy of advertising for a start – with spots from Ford and the Clash Of The Titans movie taking place early in the show. Former Idol winner Ruben Studdard returned to perform his new single Don’t Make ‘Em Like U No More.

Squeaky voiced pupil of Usher, Justin Bieber is in the audience to support his mentor. I knew there was something I didn’t like about that kid. It’s the Usher connection. Usher performs his new single, wittering about “shawty when I seen her on the dance-flow”. The only interesting thing about the performance was when they showed different shots of the stage on screen, in the style of 24. Events happen in real time. So I fast-forward past it.

Diddy is up on stage next. I don’t think I’ve heard musical output from Diddy in years. I thought he’d retired and was living on a yacht with a hareem of big-ass biatches. This beats the hell out of Usher’s dismal R&B tunes. If you want swagger, Diddy has it in spades. Oh yes! Epilepsy warning – Diddy’s rocking a dance routine with strobe lights.

Tense elimination moments

[[Ryan Seacrest]] gives [[Lee DeWyze]] and [[Casey James]] a free pass on the first go. He grills [[Aaron Kelly]] on his experience of love, rows with Cowell a little bit and tells Aaron that he’s safe.

Next up, [[Siobhan Magnus]] and [[Katie Stevens]] are called. Siobhan describes last night as “not my favourite Idol moment” but assures us she’s not defeated. Siobhan – as you might expect – is safe, and Katie is in the bottom three.

Returning to the elimination action, Didi is called up next. We know how this goes down. She walks over to the bottom three holding area.

[[Michael Lynche]] earns some more praise from Ellen. Seacrest bluffs him that he’s out and is picked up by Mike while a heckler says “pick him up and throw him”. Nice. Seacrest won’t play that trick on Big Mike again. Do I need to tell you that [[Crystal Bowersox]] is safe? Well, she is.

Next up is [[Tim Urban]] and [[Andrew Garcia]]. Kara implies that Tim is a bit dim and doesn’t understand what the judges are telling him – hence the constant smiling. Garcia is saved, Tim is in the bottom three (is this his third week in a row?).

Bottom Two

With a line-up of Benami, Urban and Stevens, Seacrest tells Katie Stevens and tells her she’s safe. That leaves Tim Urban and Didi Benami in the bottom two. What happens next? Elimination.

Didi goes home

Ryan doesn’t even mess around here. He announces Didi’s having the lowest votes and gives her the mic to reprise her Fleetwood Mac cover, Rihannon. She’s hoping for the judge’s to use their save.

Simon says “It’s bad news sweetheart, we’re not going to save you. Sorry. But I’ve got to tell you, that was a million times better than what you did last night.” The audience behind him had been chanting “Save her, save her!” The show ends with the other finalists huddled round Didi and the sounds of her sobs leaking out.

Gotta say, it’s harsh, really harsh, when someone gets voted off over two people – looking at you Tim and Katie – who’ve been in the bottom three for weeks now.

I am genuinely gutted for Didi right now. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that she might not survive long because of her looks and the style of music, which wasn’t very mainstream. It’s a shame, but at least she’s on the Idol tour, and I really do hope somebody gives her a record deal. Failing that, I’ll have a chat to the wife and see if we can keep her as a pet.

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