American Idol 2010 – That Stupid Alex Lambert Petition

One of the downsides of this internet-enabled age is that anybody can start a petition, regardless of how ill-advised or pointless that petition may be.

Take, for example, the case of [[Alex Lambert]]. Alex was one of four finalists eliminated from last week’s [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol]]. Admittedly, he was one of my favourites, and the guy had a lot of talent. He was definitely the most talented of the four who got eliminated.

Therefore, some crackpot(s) have started a campaign to have Alex returned to the series, despite failing to get enough public support to keep him in. Now, for those of you who don’t understand how shows like Idol work, I put the words public support in italics, as a clue. Look, I even did it twice!

The petition (see it here on claims:

I’ve never seen such an uproar for ANY contestant to be put back in BEFORE even making it to top 12, until Alex. Quite frankly, this season of Idol has been a massive disappointment so far, and I’m sure that comes as no surprise to everyone running Idol.

Then, the one person who people tuned in to actually see, is now gone. After seeing the complete disgust in pure talent having to leave the show, loyal fans and viewers of AI have officially decided to turn off the tv when it comes to further watching.

If people can’t be bothered to vote for a contestant while they’re still on the show, there’s no point in starting a petition after they’ve been kicked off. And let’s face it, the conventional wisdom is that someone who ends up in the bottom of the public votes situation isn’t going to suddenly become the most popular and win the show. And even if they did, then there’d be the inevitable blowback that he only won because the rules got changed for him. It isn’t going to happen.

And another thing – what happens next week if [[Crystal Bowersox]] or [[Casey James]] gets voted off? Both are more worthy contestants than Alex. Do we have campaigns to get them back in too? If we keep bringing eliminated contestants back into the game, will it ever end? Do you see the problem here, crazy internet petitioners?

Look, the fact is Alex didn’t secure enough votes to keep himself in American Idol. What did he do wrong? Arguably, there are a couple of similar acts who are either better looking ([[Tim Urban]]) or more polished ([[Lee DeWyze]]). I’m sad for Alex, I really truly am. If this were X Factor, and Alex was ousted by a bad judging decision, I’d be annoyed. But when the public have voted, that shows that he hasn’t inspired enough people to phone in for him.

Petitioning might be fun, but what happens if he gets back in and is voted off one or two weeks later? Was he ever going to win in the face of Bowersox, Big Mike or Didi? All you’re doing is closing the stable door after the horse failed to get enough phone votes.

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  1. goodintheory

    You make a compelling argument. However, there is the concept of wildcard, which AI has had in practice for the previous seasons in which contestants who did not originally bolster enough votes to make it to the top 12 are given a second chance (ie Anoop Desai). Although these wildcard contestants did not win, they survived weeks more than other contestants who originally made the top 12. In a matter of a couple weeks, Alex made leaps and bounds as an artist. I have confidence that he would only grow even more if put in the top 12 just as underdog, Kris Allen did last season. One may also argue that this season, AI gave twitter accounts to each contestant. This shows that AI wishes to tap into the minds of its viral voters, instead of limiting itself to its phone callers. By ignoring this petition, they are going against their previous intentions.

  2. ohmira

    I must say that I have totally different viewpoints on your pessimistic rant of a blog today.  Here they are:

    First you state that, “One of the downsides of this internet-enabled age is that anybody can start a petition, regardless of how ill-advised or pointless that petition may be” and you further call the person who started the petition a “crackpot”. 

    You are wrong.

    On the contrary, one of the great things about the Internet is the rise of social networking tools and capabilities.  Like you pointed out, anyone with access to the internet can voice an opinion, however rude that may be (such as calling someone a “crackpot”), or someone may take action and do something positive such as start a grassroots petition to make change in a cause that people support and believe in.  You probably should not be blogging about something you haven’t done your research on; let me enlighten you a bit.  Alex Lambert stands for what American Idol’s original idea was: taking a person who does not have means to showcase their talent and supporting that person so that his/her talent and artistry can shine and be cultivated through guidance and exposure.  That’s not what happened last week, and that is why people are upset.  But I digress.

    To your second point: “If people can’t be bothered to vote for a contestant while they’re still on the show, there’s no point in starting a petition after they’ve been kicked off.”

    Again, you are wrong.

    Have you ever considered that the voting system may be a little flawed?  I can say that I stayed up voting for 2 hours until midnight after that show so that I could vote, all to no avail.  The show does allow text messages as votes, but only from AT&T.  Since I have Verizon, I was stuck trying to get through the busy signals so my one little vote could go through.  However, those with the appropriate phone network could text as many votes as their fingers could text.  So, perhaps many of Alex’s supporters could not get their votes through due to the above dilemma, or perhaps Alex’s supporters thought he was safe since he did so well and therefore did not keep trying to get through the lines.  Who knows.  If he is brought back on, then his supporters would make sure he stays.

    Which brings me to the counter argument for your third where you state that if Alex is brought back, then others could/should be brought back and there will be no end to that happening in the future, and that’s unfair, etc. 

    Once again, you are wrong.

    The thing is, no one cares if others are brought back or not!  No one will petition to bring back the others…and even if they do, I guarantee it will not get support because the only person the crowds want to bring back is ALEX LAMBERT.  It is fair, and it’s been done in previous seasons as a wildcard contestant.  In addition, as a previous commenter on your post pointed out, the show wants internet feedback because it established twitter accounts for all contestants.  An online petition started by a fan would probably fit into that category, don’t you think?  Don’t you get it? 

    Obviously, you don’t, and so that brings me to my original point: don’t blog about something you don’t know about, especially That Wonderful Alex Lambert Petition.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Hi there Ohmira 🙂 I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to sign on here and respond to my post.

      Before we get into a slanging match about my right to comment – I’ve been watching and reporting on reality TV for quite a few years now. Particularly talent competitions like Idol and our UK equivalent, X Factor. And I’ve seen worthy campaigns (like the Rage Against The Machine one last Christmas) and total idiocy like this one.

      To respond to your own points (I’ll try to keep it brief – I promise!):

      1. The point I was trying to make here is that if a grassroots campaign by Alex Lambert fans was successful, then what about Katelyn Epperly, Lilly Scott or some of the other rejects from the past three weeks? And I’ll repeat my original point here – why create a wildcard position for someone who couldn’t stay in the competition in the first place? Even Anoop Desai didn’t win it, so what’s the point?
      2. So what if the voting system is flawed? Are you seriously trying to claim that none of Alex Lambert’s followers were on AT&T and couldn’t text vote? Why would technical problems beset only one contestant? Is it a fix? From what I’ve read elsewhere, any technical issues would have been statistically irrelevant. Alex himself acknowledged that performance was a problem for him, which may explain why he didn’t strike a chord (pardon the pun) with the public.
      3. Your counter-argument here brings me back to the fact that Alex couldn’t muster enough votes to stay in the competition in the first place. How many votes on the petition? Coming up on 13,000. How many phone votes does a contestant need to remain in the show?

      For me – and I’m happily agreeing to disagree here – you’ll get more votes on a free internet poll than you ever will in terms of phone votes. Also, didn’t Idol pull back the social media accounts because the follower numbers were a dead giveaway about how popular each contestant was?

      Here’s a bright idea – and why I think Internet petitions are totally crackpot – instead of trying to get Alex back on Idol, why not target an appropriate record label and petition them to give him a record deal? Why not petition him forwards in his career instead of backwards?

      You won’t get any argument from me that Alex was talented. Unfortunately, he was up against quite a few guys who were similarly styled and perhaps he got lost in the crowd. Let’s see how that petition works out anyway…

  3. Cipo

    Your counterpoints to Ohmira’s post were weak at best.  On your first point, no one started a petition on behalf of the other three contestants who were booted off this week.  So why then, would AI feel the need to bring them back as a wild card contestant?  Obviously, fans felt Alex was something special and were outraged at his unfair ousting. This is due to the many defects in the voting rules.

    Which leads me to your thrid point.  Unlike voting in AI, a petition is set up very differently.  It only allows you to sign ONE TIME.  We all know that the tweens text their fingers off for hours for the less talented contestants.  For simplicity’s sake, let’s say every person who signed the petition could successfully get through and vote 100x for Alex (and I’m guessing that’s a low figure based on tween voting trends).  That would equate to almost 1.3 million votes for Alex (at post time Alex had 12,888 signatures).  I find it hard to believe that this wouldn’t make a difference.

    Say what you want, AI has some major flaws altogether-especially in its voting rules.  And while I’m not at all optimisitc this petition would do anything to get Alex back on the show, it at least tells FOX executives that they have some major work to do in order to get the show back on track.  This year, the show has lost all credibility and I for one, have decided to no longer tune in.       

    1. Justnalias

      So you obviously know the show is based on how many votes a contestant receives. And that there is a trend that the ‘trendy’, less talented ones tend to get more votes. So if you, and others, don’t do your part to match and exceed those votes, then it’s your fault for not doing your part. You voted Alex off by your lack of votes. You didn’t support your contestant. Don’t place the blame anywhere else.

  4. Oonagh smyth

    What is the point in watching a show which uses polls to choose contestants if strange people are going to say that the poll doesn’t work! Don’t spend two hours of your life waiting to vote then! And I think that the problems people are talking about are common in any poll and are taken account of by the margin of error.

  5. Karla

    For argument’s sake, your point is valid: If he couldn’t get enough public support while ON the show, why go about in a mad rush to garner public support when he’s off it?

    I think the answer to that is timing. Maybe Alex isn’t going to be THE American Idol, but he was voted off way too early. The fact that he says bye before Aaron, or Tim (however cute he is) or that idiot Paige just stuns me, and thousands of others. As Lilly Scott pointed out… What does America want to hear??

    That brings me to my second point: America. It’s not the world, but America that’s voting. For people like me, who live out side of America (I’m from Bombay), we can’t vote. But we still form a big chunk of the AI viewership. And hell yeah, we want to see Alex Lambert.

    I signed the petition. Please consider too!

  6. LillianGish

    I wish people would stop blaming the American public, and Alex, (he didn’t do enough to get enough public support!) and get real, and say why he was REALLY denied the opportunity to continue to grow right before our eye’s. Seriously, does anyone REALLY think America (even the tweens) thought Tim, Katie, Paige and Aaron were more worthy of spots in top 12 than the 4 that were eliminated?? I can see where one might POSSIBLY make those arguments for the other 3, (Todrick a little too late with the singing, & the Broadway thing not enough mass appeal. Katelyn, little too boring & sun-bunny-ish for allot of people to relate, Lily a little edgy, indie, and outside the mainstream.) But all still more deserving than the fore-mentioned contestants. BUT ALEX!?! The arguements are completely and totally out-to-lunch!! Shy All American boy, super cute, (looks like a cross between a really young John Lennon and Rob Thomas), Humble, and can’t seem to contain his deep sensitivity, and openness about his vulnerabilities and fears, (which makes him all the more real and HOT, the sweetest bashful smile, and a beautiful soul-melting voice! Are you kidding me? And we really think the majority of the tweens in America didn’t want to continue to see him grow, more than some others that made it? (there are 4 tweens in my home now who disagree) Not only did everyone in industry have him pegged as one of the top few that would be left, I don’t anyone in the general public who didn’t either! Now Lets try getting REAL, EVERYONE knows there just isn’t a big enough call volume this early on in the game to be able to outdo the Votefortheworst sites! Every single one of their undeserving picks made it through! Coincidence? NOT! He was just starting to grow, come out of his shell, and just as we were falling in love with his voice and his sensitive personality, he’s smashed by a group of power-dialing mean-spirited people, in what unfolded like a brutal puppy mauling! (Ent. Weekly description) I was sick watching it, and it still affects me dayz later, and I’ve never cried about anything on this train wreck, until I saw that happen to him! It’s just wrong! People continuing with this nonsensical analysis and blame of his adorable stage fright, and America’s tweens, are starting to look ridic! If the public outcry demanding Alex’s return, which even includes the support of celebs like Demi Moore, doesn’t tell the producers something went wrong with the voting, and he was cheated, they’re blind and they will suffer a backlash if they ignore the petition! He should be this years wild-card! He’s earned it in both vocal praise and growth, more than any other contestant to who’s been given it in past. I for one can’t stomach another episode til he’s back!

  7. lovessuperheroes

    I just wanted to say that I think everyone made many valid points, the fact is a logical argument can always be made on behalf of both sides. 

    Even if the petition fails to get ALex Lambert back on the show I think calling it stupid and useless is a bid harsh and that’s putting it nicley.

    I dont think feeling passionate about something and acting on it is a EVER a stupid thing nor is standing up for what you believe in even if you dont get your desired result. 

    Futhermore, even if the petition fails to get Alex back on the show it is far from useless it lets Alex know he shouldnt give up.  It shows him he has 12,000 + people behind him in the US and outside of the US.  (Which record companies should not take lightly).  The girl who started the petition and the people who signed the petition were just supporting someone they believed in regargless of the outcome and that is never useless.

    I remember being 19 and its a rough year without being in the spotlight and having the whole world judge you.  I felt for Alex and I wanted to see him grow each week so I was mad too and was glad to find I wasnt alone.  His voice is better than any of us even know yet and we all heard it.

    Any kid confident or not would be lucky to know that he has that much support from people who have no stake in his future and it just may help him so for that alone the petition is signficant. 

    I leave you with one last thought:

    Alex Lambert’s voice is worth the time, effort and risk it takes in starting and signing a stupid-useless petition!!!

    Thanks for listening!  Alex is my American Idol 2010, I wait for his album!


    1. Gerard McGarry

      You might not have seen my other comment on this thread which asks – why petition to get Alex back in Idol? Why not petition a record company to sign him, or a producer to work with him, or something that would lead to an actual product from him!

      Why send Alex back to Idol to compete in the same arena, when free of contractual obligations, he might be able to get to work on a record to sell these die-hard fans?

  8. LillianGish

    Also, to answer ur question, why is he more deserving. Because he is the epitomy of what Idol is all about! It’s about finding that inexperienced diamond in rough, and turning them into a polished season performer. For the most part there’s universal agreement that out of ALL of the contestants, he had the most potential for displaying that growth, and making for much more interesting show! I believe it was Kara that said (““There isn’t a person out there that isn’t rooting for you. You can’t look at you, and see that performance and see where you went last week and see you today, and not ROOT for you. And what you have is an incredible, recordable voice… people would DIE to have that tone. I mean, producers, writers… and you have it… and you don’t even know what to DO with it! And THAT’S WHY I LOVE THIS SHOW, cause you’re gonna learn, and one day we’re gonna sit here and go, ‘OH MY GOD… look at THIS. Look where he came from.’ Great improvement.”

    Was he ever going to win, is a moot point! What happened to him was wrong, and now Idol has now HURT his career, far more than it helped him! Anyone asked him if he’s approached by label with enough resources to be able to promote him yet? Yes Kara was correct, writers, and producers, would absolutely die to have the tone he naturally has, it is rare. Nevertheless, his removal so early on in the show, and before his time, will make it even, harder for him to ever see the inside of a Recording label, as it carries a stigma that record labels won’t touch with a ten foot poll. I’ve lived and worked here long enough to understand that, that Image, carries more weight than talent with “the Suits” in this biz. The fan base he’s amassed this early isn’t likely to help him, In the eye’s of “the Suits”, he was removed before the top 12, which is where the fan based, aka “money” if you’re a suit, really explodes. And that is really the true travesty that happened to this very talented kid. Everyone knows it, all the emotion in media and comments reflect that.  

    For the most, part there is universal agreement that Tim, Katie, Paige and Aaron, all should have gone home before Alex, after that, there is disagreement as to where he would place, but few think it’s outside of the top five. So I think that all people are asking is that he be given the Wild-card he has earned, to sing his little heart out, and make it to the top 5, or choke on his growth, while we make right the Votefortheworst outcome!

    But as the judge feedback above suggests, Yes! He could have given them a serious run for their money!


  9. Justnalias

    They have never let a contestant simply return after they were voted off. There has always been some more talented people who were voted off and the ‘trendy’ people who received more votes who stayed, but that is always part of the game – the votes from the people. The competition never is or never was about who is better. It’s about who gets the most votes. If you want the person who you think is better, who truly deserves the most votes, then vote for that person when it counts, on the night they need them and not when they are already eliminated. Banding together for the target 10,000 votes on the petition is nice, but why not do it in mass on the night when it counted? Doing it now is merely futile. And all of you claiming him getting voted off is ‘wrong’, well how about doing him ‘right’ by voting for him when it’s applicable instead of after the fact. It’s no ones fault but the viewer/voters themselves.

  10. kittratty

    I understand what you’re saying, and if it were anyone else, I’d agree with you completely, but I actually think that Alex has enough public support. A lot of times with this show, I think that people get too confident in their favorite’s imminent success and fanbase that they don’t vote, thinking that there’ll be more than enough other votes coming in to secure a place for him. With Alex this last week, I think that’s what happened, especially after receiving such praise from the judges and the public. We just got too cocky. I, for one, didn’t think there was a chance he’d get sent home, and I’m ashamed to say I didn’t bother voting. I’m sure there were plenty of others out there like me. Should he get back on the show, and I sincerely hope he does, I know I won’t make that same mistake twice. This was a wake-up call, and if they make a Top 13, I guarantee that he’ll make it a lot farther this time.

  11. Cipo

    I shamefully admit that I don’t usually vote this early in the competition because the mediocre to bad talent is so blatant to me that I don’t feel that I need to.  I overestimated the taste of America in assuming Alex would be safe and boy I wish I could change this. 

    What I’m taking issue with are the presumptive comments that Alex wouldn’t win anyway.  How could one possibly say this?  Contestants get better every week and their fan base grows as each week goes by.  Look at Kris Allen-he’s a prime example.  And how about Taylor Hicks.  He grew hugely popular with Idol viewers-despite his lackluster post Idol career.  Unless we have a crystal ball, there is no way of predicting a contestants run in the show this early in the game.  I for one, wish I could at least attempt with Alex.   

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Gotta comment on your second paragraph, Cipo. You’ve actually highlighted a very important issue in reality TV voting. How do we really know if a contestant is popular? It costs nothing to vote in a petition or follow their account on Twitter, Facebook or even MySpace. A phone vote costs, so there’s a degree of investment there – you don’t generally outlay cash for an act you’re not invested in.

      But even at that, there’s a wide disparity between a voting fanbase on American Idol and the record-buying public. Taylor Hicks is your own example of this phenomenon.

      There’s no doubt that Alex was improving each week, and it was definitely a surprise that he was voted off so soon. However, there are a bunch of strong contenders at the top of the show who are absorbing much more of the attention. That’s why I think Alex never really stood a chance of winning.

  12. lovessuperheroes

    Why not a petition to get music executives to give him a record deal? Who’s to say that this petition started to get Alex back on American Idol wont just get him a record deal?

    It’s a great point, and I would have signed a get Alex a record deal petition had someone started it as well.  I think that people were just so mad and shocked when Alex got voted off last week, that their first reaction was we want him back, let’s get him back. 

    My point is simply this: regardless of how or why this petition was started, over 14,000+ people (not votes people) have signed it already.  Let me say that again, it bares repeating 14,000+ people.  Can we really fathom this; this started with one person.  That’s pretty great in my opinion! If it fails to get Alex back on idol then perhaps it can be amended and sent to a recording label.  Or maybe since all the buzz about Alex is everywhere, the record companies have already heard about this and are doing what they do?

    If he does go back to idol it’s not a step backwards because he gets to grow as an artisit, he gets the experiece of being in front of live audiences, his confidence bulids, he grows which are all good productive experiences to begin a career?

    I think we can all agree Alex has a voice that people want to hear all over the world and I think his fans are just trying to make that happen.  And 14,000+ signatures should not be taken lightly by anyone because it’s pretty awesome!

  13. moonsurfer

    Thank you OP!  You are 100% right on target with this and went against the sheep (for the most part).   I got a hilarious vision of American Idol bringing back several other contestants after they got voted off.  And then just as they’d get ready to announce the winner, someone would run across the stage screaming, “WAIT WAIT!!!  We have brought Big Mike and Crystal back!  We must give them 2 more weeks!”.  And this would go on and on all summer until next Christmas, LOL.  The only odd thing I noticed was you didn’t dare to use Siobhan as an example.  But that’s ok.  Most media outlets won’t dare to do that.  Too dangerous since she might win.  Actually Crystal is my 2nd favoriet.  But other than that this is a perfect write up!

  14. moonsurfer

    I’ve also noticed some are downright delusional. lol.   They forget that it would be unfair to the other contestants and the audience to bring him back.  Also that even if he came back, it would cause a a bad reaction from non-Alex fans which could make Alex look bad.  Plus he just might turn around and go home in the following week which would be embarrassing.  OR if he stayed non-Alex fans would throw bananas and rotten tomatoes on the stage in complete rage due to his special treatment!  Don’t they think more than one step ahead??  Glad to hear Alex fans woke up.  Maybe he will have a contract, but the idea of bringing him back next week has me cracking up…  I’d think the next logical step is to see if he can get signed.

  15. JohnIdol81

    Re: The veracity of the “results”

    I see no reason to take American Idol at their word when it comes to their voting results. For one thing, the number of busy signals reported is enough to cast extreme doubt. According to the data, Alex generated by far and away the most busy signals of any male contestant. When the signal is busy, that means someone was trying to vote for him…but couldn’t. American Idol’s phone lines are rather dubious at best.

    Secondly…if the execs have another winner in mind because they think this person is, in time, going to be the most profitable for them…well, you know the rest.


    Re: The “slippery slope” you’re suggesting this ignites.

    Well, for one thing, I don’t see Casey James as nearly as good a vocalist as Alex Lambert (rather ordinary in that regard, and limited to the blues/country niche). But no matter.

    I think if someone like Crystal Bowersox were eliminated, EVERYONE would know something is wrong and the show would go up in flames. It’s already pretty close to that right now with the Alex Lambert elimination.

    I think you underestimate the level of uproar this has caused. For one thing, if you look at the AI season 9 facebook page, Alex’s last comment has nearly 691 response comments under it. Compare that to the last comment of the departed Lilly Scott (200), Katelyn (124), and Todrick (60).

    In no way is this limited to facebook. I looked at a number of different polls of various sizes, some with as many as 4,000 votes, prior to elimination night…and none of them indicated Alex was in any sort of real danger. In one poll with 3,500+ votes, he was second to Michael Lynche for “favorite performance of the night.”

    Yes, these are merely “samples.” But samples tend to mimic large-scale phenomena.

    The only thing he seemed to have working against him was a smaller visible fan base (as far as the facebook groups) than the other contestants (other than Todrick). Yet I get the distinct impression that if Aaron Kelly or Tim Urban were eliminated we wouldn’t see a single notable petition, much less either of them trending on twitter for 7+ hours.

    So yes, if Crystal or Siobhan get eliminated within the next few weeks after a good performance that clearly topped several other people, there WILL be a similar uproar…and these people would be equally justified. But this kind of thing doesn’t happen very often; not to THIS extent.


    Re: Lee DeWyze more polished? Really? He’s as uncomfortable on stage as Alex is, and he has MAJOR “pitch problems” (in the words of Randy Jackson).


    Re: Basklash

    “Backlash,” as it were, is irrelevant. You don’t get voted OFF American Idol. It doesn’t matter how many people resent someone…it’s the number of fans someone has, and based on common sense when looking at everything that has transpired since elimination night, Alex has a ton.

    A LOT of people want Andrew Garcia voted off American Idol…but it probably won’t happen until we’re down to 5-7 people, since only a select few have the fanbase to compete with him. He can do whatever he wants until then…sing the alphabet backwards in a yoda voice (even that would be better than his GIAB performance)…and he’ll have the people who followed him on Youtube all those years speed texting him through to the next round.


    Re: Finally, I think the main point of signing this petition is to show support for Alex. The vast majority of petitions won’t change anything…doesn’t mean you don’t sign something you would like to see happen. It takes all of 20 seconds.

    1. moonsurfer

       @john,  “Re: Finally, I think the main point of signing this petition is to show support for Alex.”


      This is exactly what I was thinking and almost put it in my post.  So I fully agree with that notion that the main point should be about showing support.  However, after reading comments here and other places, most people actually just want him to come back on to the show next week.  That’s what I thought was expecting too much…  And that’s why I didn’t say it even though it was in the back of my mind.  Also backlash isn’t irrelevent as I doubt even Alex would agree to come back on the show if he were permitted to knowing that the over all result would be negative.   He’s too smart for that. But again, I thought the idea was about “support”, not him coming back for real.

  16. teeteebaby1025

    First of all, I know tons of people who voted for Alex tons of times. The whole reason why all these people who actually have talent went home was because of if you go on their website you can see their whole purpose is to vote for the worst people ever like Tim Urban because they’re a bunch of dick heads and don’t have a life. So you could of voted for Alex millions of times, like I did and he wouldn’t have a chance. That’s why I believe the petition is a really good idea, because it can work!!

  17. erikzett

    Ok heres the deal. AI is lame because it allows people to vote as many times as they want. 

    Read this about the voting between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. it explains why the system is basically broken. And this is the real problem here folks. I am sure that Alex does not have a grandma who can text 500 votes  in 4 hours.



    Someone mentioned 100 texts at a time. I read a newspaper article from an Arkansas newspaper where Kris’ grandmother stated that she and his mother power texted 500 texts at a time for the entire 4 hours. There is also a Kris Allen website that looks like it went up in late April/early May that explained how to power text and how to purchase phones with California phone numbers and Hawaii phone numbers to add to the voting time. I also read in the article that everyone at the watch parties were encouraged to stay the entire 4 hours and power text. Many were able to power text on their own phones and did not need to use the ones AT&T provided. So, one has to wonder which contestant was really America’s favorite?

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