American Idol 2010: The Top 3 revealed and reviewed!

Well, here it is folks – we’re down to the Top 3 contestants on [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol]]. But everyone’s a winner at this point, right?

Well, no. Even if the runners-up get their hands on a record deal, there’s really only one winner. And it’s our job to work out who that winner will be.

Now, when [[Michael Lynche]] got eliminated earlier this week, [[Crystal Bowersox]] was the contestant standing beside him. In any other week, this would have meant that she was in the bottom two. I don’t hold with that – I think it was a good strategic placing of the hot favourite contestant. By giving the impression that Crystal was in danger, it’ll spur the fans at home to vote harder for her next week, and possibly into the grand final.

So, who’s left and what do we think of them? Well, here’s my Top 3 list, in order of preference. Prepare to be shocked:

  1. Winner: [[Crystal Bowersox]]: For me there’s no doubt about it – Crystal should be the winner. She’s the most self-assured of the three finalists, got her own distinctive style and she can rock guitars and pianos. Looking to her future career in music, I don’t see her in the cutting edge of pop. She’ll perhaps be stronger singing country/rock with a vintage edge.
  2. Runner-up: [[Casey James]]: Yes, I know Lee is the other hot favourite. But I have my reasons. Casey’s got a great voice. Again, I think he’d sell records by the truckload in a country/rock/blues setting – perhaps aided by a Daughtry-style backing band. Of course, they couldn’t call it James. That would be ridiculous. But for me, I love his style and with the right material he could be really hot.
  3. Runner-up: [[Lee DeWyze]]: This doesn’t mean I like Lee any less. I’m a minor fan – I don’t think I’ve hated anybody in Idol this year, but I think he’s still kind of forgettable. Nice guy, salt of the earth and all that, but he doesn’t excite me and I don’t see much fire, excitement or charisma when I look at him.

Maybe I’m a little miffed that Big Mike isn’t standing in Lee’s place. Remember, from the very early stages, my ideal final four would have been Casey, Crystal, Big Mike and [[Didi Benami]]. I’m still bugged about Didi’s shock elimination.

So, whataya think Idolwatchers? Will Lee be the next to go, leaving Casey and Crystal to go head to head? Probably not, but a shock elimination isn’t beyond happening. Over to you, folks!

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