American Idol 2010: The Top 5 Finalists

American Idol 2010. Season 9. Only 5 contestants remain. I feel like I’m writing Ryan Seacrest’s introduction for next week’s episode!

I have to say, I’m a little bit pleased that three of my favourite contestants have made it to the final 5. [[Casey James]], [[Crystal Bowersox]] and [[Michael Lynche]] have been three of my frontrunners since the early stages of the live shows. If [[Didi Benami]] hadn’t been cruelly ousted a few weeks back, I’d be even happier right now.

Two surprise entries for me: [[Lee DeWyze]], still a fairly subdued performer, but he has improved consistently in the last few weeks, to the point where I’ve reluctantly rated him higher than Casey. And [[Aaron Kelly]], the teenage country singer. A couple of weeks ago, I could have seen him disappear completely.

Here’s a quick run-down of the top 5 finalists:

  1. Crystal Bowersox: We all love Crystal. She’s cool, independent, a strong female character who has never found herself a victim of the judge’s conflicting advice or sharp tongues. It seems the judges – and America – like Crystal just the way she is.
  2. Lee DeWyze: I have to admit, Lee’s growing on me. I love his voice. I’m starting to love his quiet reserved exterior and his earnest song delivery. We need to see him with his guitar again, and I think singing songs that have a little bit more bite.
  3. Michael Lynche: Big Mike. Ah, the tables have turned on Mike Lynche yet again. He’s lost that original bluesy sound that I loved at the start, swapping it for a more conventional soul sound. He escaped elimination three weeks ago, but has been back in the bottom three again. Can he turn things around and win this?
  4. Casey James: I’ve always thought of Casey as the complete package – photogenic good looks, fantastic gravelly voice and exceptional guitar skills. However, after a couple of weeks of bland rock covers, we’re questioning whether he can captivate an audience the way someone like….oh…Crystal B can.
  5. Aaron Kelly: Nah, can’t seem him winning it, although if you read my elimination post earlier, he’s clearly in the top three this week. One of the nice guys, with an alarmingly rich vocal tone, he just strikes me as too young to sell to the country market.

So, fans of [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol]] – leave me a comment and tell me how your Top 5 would look. We’re in the final stages of the competition now, and it’ll be interesting to see whether our predictions are close to the order the finalists are eliminated in.

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