American Idol 2010: The Top 6 Finalists Rated

Now that Teflon Tim Urban has been booted out of [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol]], only six finalists remain. It’s a mixed bag of contestants, but there’s one clear frontrunner at the moment, and that’s Crystal Bowersox.

As we do from time to time on Shout’s Idol Worshippers group, I wanted to take a moment to give my rating of the Top 6 contestants as things stand right now. Have your say in the comments area!

  1. [[Crystal Bowersox]]: Absolutely the frontrunner this year. Consistently high standard of performances, coupled with an individual style and an independent spirit. And her emotional performance this week may have given her a crucial connection to her audience. Still not sure how she’ll sell her style and music in the ‘real world’, but she’s got talent by the truckload.
  2. [[Michael Lynche]]: Big Mike’s big problem is that he sometimes gives us inaccessible performances. It’s like he’s been possessed by Kate Bush and she’s fighting to burst out in his singing. Still, for a big meathead, he can deliver some surprisingly sensitive material. And he’s managed to avoid the “black man = soul/R&B singer” stereotype.
  3. [[Lee DeWyze]]: Yes, Lee’s jumped over my former favourite, Casey James to land in third place. I think he’s probably the most marketable performer at this stage of the competition. Can’t you see him supporting Daughtry on tour? Great voice, but very earnest. When he leaves Idol, he’ll be able to be himself – a serious rock performer.
  4. [[Casey James]]: Have lost interest in Casey to some extent. Got the looks, got the voice, got the sizzling hot guitar chops. But he looks for all the world like he should be fronting a Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute in a redneck bar somewhere. Everything sounds a tad predictable from Casey right now, and he needs to prove he can be relevant.
  5. [[Siobhan Magnus]]: Usually summed up by the world wide press in one word: kooky. I feel alienated by her. She’s not as good a singer as you’d think if you believe the judges, and leans on that trademark wailing to compensate for the lack of subtlety in the rest of the song. And I don’t think she can sell records. Sorry.
  6. [[Aaron Kelly]]: What can I say? Aaron’s clearly a likeable guy, but his performances bore me to tears! He can sing brilliantly, but he’s the [[Joe McElderry]] of this competition – utterly harmless, utterly sexless, no appeal whatsoever. The judges should have done him a favour and told him to come back in a couple of years time when he had more life experience.

So that’s it. And yes, let’s say it – Crystal Bowersox is a foregone conclusion to win 2010’s American Idol. I’m yet to be convinced that she can be a huge star at the end of it, because everything she does has a retro vibe that’s just not ‘in’ at the moment.

Over to you – rank the Top 6 in the comments…

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