American Idol 2011: Ashley Sullivan gets married in Las Vegas, but rejected by Idol

In a nutshell, Ashley Sullivan began married life in Las Vegas, but ended her [[American Idol (2011 Series)|American Idol]] journey there as well.

The high-maintenance gal took advantage of the latest auditions round to get married to her fiancee when American Idol bussed the hopeful contestants to the Nevada desert. Ashley does a bit of last minute shopping for a wedding costume before heading to a Chapel O’Love type place for her wedding.

And in typical kooky fashion, one of the witnesses to the wedding is Dave The American Idol Cameraman! Why not?

It turns out that the chapel is the same one that Britney Spears made her record-breakingly short wedding vows. Ashley seemed to ignore the fact that Britney’s not generally an icon for successful marriage though. She was just happy that she’d followed in her Idol’s footsteps.

Before the ceremony, the slightly-unhinged singer has some last words of encouragement for her future husband: “If you’ve got cold feet, I don’t care. You’re going through with it or I’ll kill you in your sleep. My precious.” Good luck in your marriage, sucker. And Ashley Sullivan becomes Ashley Suraiva (in case you’re wondering).

Later on, Ashley and Sophia Shorai duet on The Beatles’ We Can Work It Out. It’s a horrible version and the tone of their voices doesn’t mesh well. Steven Tyler sums up the performance:

Sophia and Ashley, it wasn’t your strongest performance. Gotta say Ashley, you sang good and I like you. I’ve always liked you from the start. Wasn’t sure if you sang it good. Sophia, not your best performance either.

Randy Jackson agrees, saying: “Listen, you guys are here, you’re trying to make it happen. It just was not hot today. None of it quite worked for me, I didn’t quite get it at all.”

And during the elimination footage, we see Ashley finally getting sent home. A sane decision from the judges, because the more we saw of Ashley, the less she looked like American Idol material. And surprisingly, Ashley takes the final rejection very well. I thought she’d implode and paint Las Vegas with the blood of the Idol judges while wearing a necklace made of Ryan Seacrest’s teeth. Or something equally balanced.

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