American Idol 2011: Did Steven Tyler hit on Sarah Sellers?

There were a few uncomfortable moments during Sarah Sellers’ American Idol audition in New Orleans – not least because Randy Jackson speculated on a ‘family resemblance’ between her and new judge Steven Tyler. Most notably a prominent pair of lips.

Of course, Tyler wasn’t feeling particularly paternal toward Sellers as he seemed to be outrageously flirting with the 28-year-old marketing analyst. But more on that later.

Our Sarah earns cool points for being a food and music blogger, but she’s also a talented pianist and singer. She sings the Adele version of Make You Feel My Love for the judges, and there are hints of a Pink-style raspy rock voice behind that sweet, slightly-geeky exterior.

The judges are universally positive. Steven Tyler tells her:

You had me sold from the second you laid eyes on me (see what I mean about the flirting? -Gerard). I love the glasses. Your smile, your attitude, your voice mostly. I really liked your voice.

Jennifer Lopez tells her: “One of the best we’ve heard, I think. Really beautiful voice.”

Sarah gets three votes and a golden ticket to Hollywood!

Sarah Sellers – Fast Facts

  1. Age: 28
  2. From: Richardson, TX
  3. Occupation: Marketing Analyst and Blogger. 
  4. Audition songMake You Feel My Love 

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