American Idol 2011: Idol Camp doesn’t cut it for Alex Attardo

We can only assume that American Idol aren’t running Idol Camps anymore. Former Idol Camper Alex Attardo shows that all the training in the world can’t make up for actually having talent.

Attardo delivers a truly horrible version of Ike and Tina Turner’s Proud Mary – he kills it stone dead, both on utter tunelessness and with a vocal tone that’s excruciating to listen to. And he’s so square he has right angles. Seriously.

Even the normally personable Randy Jackson doesn’t soften the blow – he suggests that the camp should be cancelled. Steven Tyler tells him:

You were so off the melody of that song. Even if you tell me you were doing your own rendition of it, and when you stray that far from what it was…

Randy chimes in to tell him it was terrible and the judges quickly shut it down. And that – hopefully – is the last we’ll see of Alex.

Alex Attardo – Fast Facts

  1. Age: 18
  2. From: New Orleans, LA
  3. Occupation: Nursing Student 
  4. Audition songProud Mary 

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  1. MissMarian

    What’s sad about this is he really can sing. =\ I know him and he’s really quite talented. Not that anyone will believe me, but he really just had an awful week leading up to it (talk about your added stress), so he did the best he could.

    Makes you wonder how many of these auditioners actually have the talent but the stars just didn’t align for them…

  2. akewlazzmom

    I’m sorry, really not trying to rag on your friend. But…no one, has an “off” day like that! If a person can truly sing, being “stressed” or nervous or whatever, at least the melody of the song is recognizable. Alex was totally out of tune throughout the entire “song”. But, i do wish him luck in nursing school! I”m an RN myself, and i remember those days! good luck 2 him (=

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