American Idol 2011: Jacquelyn Dupree does a show and tell for Randy

When you’re just one face in 150,000 American Idol auditionees, you’ve gotta do something to get yourself remembered. 24 year old Jacquelyn Dupree pulled off a masterstroke by bringing old high-school photos of Randy Jackson to her audition. And his old school football coach.

Randy Jackson high school photo

The impromptu reunion gives Randy’s fellow judges a few giggles. There’s one of Randy throwing a shot put, to which Steven Tyler quips “Which one’s the shot put?” Jacquelyn even drags out her uncle, who was Randy’s football coach. Tyler gets another great dig in – “So coach, did you ever paddle his ass?” To his credit, coach replies “He was too big to paddle. He might have broke it!”

The pretty cosmetologist (what’s that?) sang The Pretenders’ I’ll Stand By You. It’s a dull song choice in my opinion, but it showcases a pretty good voice. And I do think she has the right look for Idol.

Randy is the first to comment: “You’ve got a powerful voice. You like being up in that power zone, just lettin’ it all go.” Jennifer Lopez says “When you get real soft it was just so beautiful. And the jump from one to the other was also really seamless. I think she’s awesome.”

Steven Tyler remarked: “Beautiful. You had great ups and downs volume-wise with your voice. I liked it.” Jacquelyn gets three yeses and she’s through to Hollywood, baby!

And that’s how you do it, people. If you want to make an impression on famed shagger Steven Tyler, just ask him for a DNA swab. That oughta do it.

Jacquelyn Dupree – Fast Facts

  1. Age: 24
  2. From: Summit, MS
  3. Occupation: Cosmetologist 
  4. Audition songI’ll Stand By You 

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