American Idol 2011: Jordan Dorsey impresses the judges in New Orleans

American Idol stopped off in New Orleans last night, the first time the show has held auditions in the city since 2004. First act of the night was musician/piano teacher Jordan Dorsey.

Jordan wowed the judges with a funky acapella version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow. He lost points with me for choosing one of the most cliched audition songs of all time. But he regained a few for breaking into a different arrangement of the melody and showing off his vocal range.

As he sang, Steven Tyler was nodding his head along in appreciation and Jennifer Lopez was mouthing ‘wow’ at the camera. We’re not seeing so much of Randy Jackson at the moment though, as the camera seems to be sticking with the new judges.

After the performance, Lopez commented that she had “goosepimples all over [her] body”, while Tyler remarked on the warmth of Jordan’s voice. None of the judges really needed to comment though and sent him through to Hollywood. When Jordan left the room, Randy Jackson remarked: “That’s what’s supposed to happen. That’s how you do an audition.”

Worth noting: Jordan’s mother told Ryan Seacrest that he looked taller on TV outside the audition room. Priceless!

Jordan Dorsey – Fast Facts

  1. Age: 21
  2. From: LaPlace, Louisiana
  3. Occupation: Piano teacher. 
  4. Audition song: Somewhere Over The Rainbow 

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  1. hottamalemom

    Even tho the choice of song didnt go well with others,I feel his voice at this point brought it all out into play,I dont know how they do this as far as a list of songs for them to choose from but If they can sing it well, I feel no matter what they choose should take points away if they have the voice.

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