American Idol 2011: Jovany Barreto strips for Jennifer Lopez

The son of Cuban parents, Jovany Barreto seemed more concerned with winning the affections of Latina judge Jannifer Lopez than auditioning for American Idol. He describes Jennifer as a goddess in his eyes. Though mostly for marrying Marc Anthony, an act which seems to have given her an added layer of perfection. Someone please explain that to me…

Just to make the audition a bit more interesting, Jovany has entered a bet with his ship-building buddies to strip off in front of his idol. 

Oh yeah, and he sings a Luis Miguel song called Contigo en la Distancia for the judges. The really bizarre bit is that he’s got a damned good voice – he didn’t need all the stunts to get attention. Of course, the musical backing and glittering stars around Jennifer’s head were courtesy of the post-production team, but boy did Jovany waffle on about how much he loved Lopez.

And Lopez – to be fair – loved him back. She commented:

You have, wow, a very powerful voice. When you get to a whisper, it’s beautiful. Just as beautiful as when you hit the highest note, this belting note that you can do. I really feel that you have the talent.

Steven Tyler remarked that “For my melodic sensibility, it was very delicious. I really liked your voice.” Jovany gets three votes through to Hollywood. And then the stripping begins. But Jovany doesn’t strip alone, no. Randy and Steven join him on the platform and lift their t-shirts. Who had the best abs? Randy, probably. But Tyler wasn’t so bad for an old guy, was he?

Jovany Barreto – Fast Facts

  1. Age: 23
  2. From: Harvey, LA
  3. Occupation: Ship Builder 
  4. Audition songContigo en la Distancia 

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